Cyber-breach: client info.

//Cyber-breach: client info.

Cyber-breach: client info.

We received notice of a possible breach of security that has occurred to hundreds of organizations in and beyond Canada — and their clients.  It is POSSIBLE that names and addresses were viewed in this cybersecurity breach – no financial information.  Such events are increasingly common, touching hospitals, pension funds, government departments, charities, foundations, and more.  There are thousands of such cases now per year, affecting data of at least a half-billion people annually. 

InvestorCOM GoAnywhere Cybersecurity Incident.   Another large breach occurred recently with InvestorCOM, a company which manages client mailings for most if not all of the mutual fund companies.  Please watch for an envelope to arrive at your house.  We’re sharing this advance notice with all account holders, even though only some people will receive a package.  The package is to protect you.

Please be assured that no financial information was involved in this hack. An address list was what was hacked into.  There is no evidence of any misuse of client data in this incident.

We will gain further information soon but official notice will reach our mailboxes this week or soonest.  Institutions are moving to a 2 way identification factor due to many security frauds.  Very important too – in the mailed notice is an offer to register for two years of comprehensive credit monitoring and identity theft insurance at no cost.  Everyone who receives the offer should take advantage of this value.

We will confirm further when we know more.


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