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Book – Your Business, Your Retirement

Focus for Success

I’m thrilled to share with you my most recent book.  From Amazon or personal request we can get you hard-copies (or download e-book).

Download the book

 A hard-copy let’s you mark this up as your own unique workbook (space provided) adding your personal noteshighlighting, and even sharing a copy with your spouse, partner or friend.

To those who have given their time and their stories to help me with the research for YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR RETIREMENT, may I express my utmost gratitude to you.

It’s intentionally brief because many have little time to read … and what we open here is just a beginning to you can start to clear away key hurdles or anxieties around retiring from business or professional careers.  Sections 1-9 are especially built so two or three of these will immediately leap forward as relevant for you.  After reading the introduction, focus first on the sections you want — even use this book out of order or back-to-front if you wish;  it’s your choice!

Section 10 summarizes other research and polls so you can easily digest what’s most important to you there.  Afterward be sure to ponder the green/amber/red light piece in the conclusion.

This is a book to facilitate valuable discussions about your future.

In my mind, this is the most valuable part of this book.  You can use this alone and also with family, with friends, team members, and to enhance insights from your advisory team.  In your hands this book can launch 1,000 personal discussions that rise and flow beyond the words contained here!

Would you meet further with me on this?

As a certified retirement coach and financial advisor, we can open areas here to enrich and illuminate your future.  We’ll help you confirm and capture the goals and dreams you want to enjoy.

As well, we can build further on this together.  

We’re still adding to this research and stories of people like yourself.  From business and professional careers we want to secure life’s path into the retirement (or non-retirement) of your innermost goals and dreams.

May I ask you a favour?

(1) Who do you know that would benefit in receiving this book?  …share this page with them.

(2) Would you share back to me in a few words how you feel this book can help people plan their own retirement …as well as safely navigate the impact of “retirement” on their business or career?  I am eager to hear from you  :-)

Going Deeper

Your Business, Your Retirement, is designed to help us think about our business and career, retirement planning, family and personal satisfaction, and how we can enjoy the freedom and thrill of life through each stage of our future lifestyles …  Starting from the introduction you’ll find 9 key themes, reflecting what you and others like you have shared with me as being most important in building a happy and successful future.

These themes include financial concerns, freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you choose, and how to vibrantly enjoy timefamilyfriendshipstravel, along with purpose and inner joy throughout the years ahead.   And more …

If you like the feel of a glossy and full-colour hard-copy this is readily available on Amazon or by order from local bookstores (or directly from myself).   100% of proceeds goes to charity (outlined on the last page).  Help us to widen the impact, to strengthen life, business, community at every level!

I am very grateful to you.
Let me know how I can help further. 

Awards and Service

Queen Elizabeth II medal (1992) for service to community

Awarded on Parliament Hill 1992 for service to represent combined interests of business, faith groups, education, and non-profit sector in the battle against child poverty.

Founding Donor:  Early and Lifelong Nutrition Fund. 

In Oakville and Burlington Community Foundations this fund is growing and actively supports vital nutrition, skills development, and socialization for children, families, and seniors.

One Burlington Inter-Faith Festival

An annual and fully inclusive celebration of harmony, dialogue, and friendship in Burlington and the wider Halton region.