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Book – A Lifetime of Wealth

Focus for Success

A Lifetime of Wealth and How not to Lose it.

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Exploring the sudden events we can experience with money due to:

  1. Sale or succession of a family business
  2. Pension options as you prepare for retirement
  3. Inheritance from family
  4. Lottery and winnings
  • Also: securing, preserving Life Savings.

The first half of this book explores four unique events that may trigger ways that people may suddenly face the most important wealth-decisions of their lifetime.  Stories add to the allure and insight of these chapters.  We can also see how we’re never actually alone in these decisions.  Partly because there are others (family, philanthropy) who will be greatly impacted by our decisions.  Also, we can recognize the skills of a professional team to help the financial decisions we make.   As a result you can feel more confident about trusting the right advisors and choosing a financial pathway that remains secure and rewarding for your future.

The second half of the book (chapter 5) reviews what we’ve shared in countless public seminars of financial and estate planning.  “Mistakes to Avoid in Financial Planning” touches ten key areas including:

  • Blindly facing the future without a Lifestyle Plan
  • Astonishing hit from Inflation and Health Costs
  • True costs of “do-it-yourself” Investing
  • Fraud in-person and over the web
  • Missing the key mandates for Lifelong Wealth
  • No written plan to align your Money and Life.






BONUS CHAPTER 6:   Building Your Future Dream

Many have been successfully saving money throughout their working years and yet still feel uncertain for their future as they haven’t been practicing the kind of lifestyle they’d want in retirement, and actually have no idea personally what they’d want to do for thirty years or so while not working.  This led to a process of “Visioning Your Future” as described in another story here.  Some questions here will also help you generate your own insights, whether for a mid-career sabbatical or a full launch into retirement living.  Consider yourself the movie director for your future lifestyle, highlighting the “must haves” and the “bucket-list” items and all you will need to get comfortable and confident in the chapters of life yet to come.  You will quickly expand your thoughts beyond the text here – this is only a launch pad to spur your own creativity until you can “experience the future now” and continue enlarging your dream, your vision, of life ahead.

An enjoyable and favourite quote:

“Life is not a race – but indeed a journey.

“Take time for yourself – plan for longevity.

Bonnie Mohr, in “Living Life”

This is a book to facilitate valuable discussions about your future.

In my mind, this is the most valuable part of this book.  You can use this alone and also with family, with friends, team members, and to enhance insights from your advisory team.  In your hands this book can launch 1,000 personal discussions that rise and flow beyond the words contained here!

Would you meet further with me on this?

As a certified retirement coach and financial advisor, we can open areas here to enrich and illuminate your future.  We’ll help you confirm and capture the goals and dreams you want to enjoy.

As well, we can build further on this together.  

We’re still adding to this research and stories of people like yourself.  From business and professional careers we want to secure life’s path into the retirement (or non-retirement) of your innermost goals and dreams.

May I ask you a favour?

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(2) Would you share back to me in a few words how you feel this book can help people plan their own retirement …as well as safely navigate the impact of “retirement” on their business or career?  I am eager to hear from you  :-)

Going Deeper

Your Business, Your Retirement, is designed to help us think about our business and career, retirement planning, family and personal satisfaction, and how we can enjoy the freedom and thrill of life through each stage of our future lifestyles …  Starting from the introduction you’ll find 9 key themes, reflecting what you and others like you have shared with me as being most important in building a happy and successful future.

These themes include financial concerns, freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you choose, and how to vibrantly enjoy timefamilyfriendshipstravel, along with purpose and inner joy throughout the years ahead.   And more …

If you like the feel of a glossy and full-colour hard-copy this is readily available on Amazon or by order from local bookstores (or directly from myself).   100% of proceeds goes to charity (outlined on the last page).  Help us to widen the impact, to strengthen life, business, community at every level!

I am very grateful to you.
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