5 Benefits of Your Wealth Trajectory

5 Benefits of Your Wealth Trajectory

Laura discovered it’s possible to retire with $8000 a month for the rest of her life, indexed for inflation, until she’s 105.  Doesn’t that help her feel secure with her wealth!

Rob and Lynda wanted to see their future security in view of three horizons:

(a) early retirement with travel and high spending, gathering pictures and stories;

(b) middle-years with less travel and modest spending, looking at pictures and sharing stories; and

(c) final years where personal comfort will require health costs. They also wanted to see how investment returns could effect their lifestyle through these three “horizons”.


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We previously focused on your Wealth Trajectory.  To find that article click here.  In that issue we peaked into the plans for two homes, to gain perspective for our own planning.

So what benefits do you get with a Wealth Trajectory?

Confidence is first

Rob and Lynda had been uneasy when an advisor gave them a plan assuming 8% returns. They knew, if 8% failed to happen, their dreams could fail too. It’s a terrible thing, running out of money in later years.

So seeing a full wealth-plan comparing 4%, 6%, and 8% returns, laid out over three key time periods, gave them confidence. Our regular reviews continue protecting this confidence.


Rob and Lynda know things will be different than shown in our plan. Yet they have a gift of flexibility. We’ve seen in advance how they will be able to adapt to events and circumstances that life will bring.


Laura is conservative, and she was afraid how low interest rates could impact her. Should she fearfully pinch pennies in her early retirement? Will her resources be gone in fifteen or twenty years? Will she run out of money?

Laura’s Wealth Trajectory brings all her resources into one plan and confirms how she can enjoy a strong income to age 105 or longer.


Back to Rob and Lynda… While Rob focused on the details, Lynda made sure I could see the picture of the life they were setting out on. Extended travel, she said, from age 58 to 73 or 75. Then a bungalow in an active seniors community for ten or fifteen years.

After that, with one or both surviving, personal care could become a major expense. The wealth plan we gave Lynda and Rob showed how they can manage financial choices regardless of what life may bring.


Let’s say you are looking ahead, and you’re saying you want to retire in the next year? …3 years? …even 5-to-8 years. If you can see abundant resources for the life you want to enjoy, then even today you’re looking ahead with anticipation and excitement – enjoying the future before it’s here.

Yet if you’re unsure, or your resources feel too modest, let’s focus on this now, and we can share remedies that secure the life you can enjoy!

Having your Wealth Trajectory in hand, published and bound uniquely for you, we confirm the resources that protect your lifestyle and life horizons from now to 105 or beyond.

Now with confidence you also get to celebrate… because if you have freedom, flexibility, and control to enjoy life on your own terms, then the result is awesome!

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Author:  A Lifetime Of Wealth — And How Not To Lose It  (2013). Protecting Life, Loved Ones, and Future Dreams  (2013). Your Business, Your Retirement: Halton Retirement Study (2015).

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