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Sustaining Wealth

Consulting, Life and Wealth

Home and business, family and freedom, education and career, treats and travel, personal rewards and unbounded retirement, nothing comes without money.  We expand and sustain Wealth for the Life You Choose.



Spend time with us and you’ll find money gets easier, and personal goals arrive more readily.  It sure beats anxious worrying, which is what 75% of this generation is doing.  What you’ve done up to now is the raw material for where we can go next, building your success and your confidence such that nothing can ultimately hurt you.  I don’t mean this as a boastful statement but as the natural result of an integrated plan where Money Serves You for Life!


Consider for a few moments.   We all need money to cover each month’s budget or spending.  We invest money to continue building wealth.  We insure because death, disability, or disease could otherwise cause an unbridgeable gap, leading to bankruptcy and worse.   We review and update each of these so that whatever opportunities or challenges arise, our all-inclusive approach creates money to keep you safe and protect your journey forward.


Each of these steps could look a little different depending on which stage of life you’re in right now.  Yet wherever you are, we absolutely take this journey together and assure the success you can enjoy.

BUDGET:  if this word is uncomfortable it could simply mean you didn’t find a happy way to use it.  In a typical week I could help people of different ages – 20s, 50s, and 80s – improve how they match income and expenses.  We often reposition debts and expenses to reduce the cost while leaving you more money.  Now you get to toss your anxieties and celebrate your progress.

INVESTING  isn’t dropping money in a bucket and hoping for the best.  We build a certified plan to secure your specific needs and goals.  This is an “enduring stewardship” where together we can assure your resulting freedom and comfort.  “Life Income Mandates TM” blend high growth and reduced risk to safeguard wealth and the lifestyle you choose.

INSURING  is getting someone else to pay for the inevitable hits and hurdles that life brings.  We cannot know in advance which events and when, yet over time chance turns to certainty:  death or disability, disease and recovery, these times come, and not without a negative financial impact.  As someone said, insurance is the things that pays you “when life sucks”.  We offer the amount and type you need at the cost you feel suits you best.

“CONTINUOUS AND NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENT”:   as seasons move ahead we meet and review progress, finding where we can further adapt to secure your journey and the destinations you desire.  While our process at its foundation remains relevant always, we’re always fine-tuning to reflect changes and net greater results.

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Awards and Service

Queen Elizabeth II medal (1992) for service to community

Awarded on Parliament Hill 1992 for service to represent combined interests of business, faith groups, education, and non-profit sector in the battle against child poverty.

Founding Donor:  Early and Lifelong Nutrition Fund. 

In Oakville and Burlington Community Foundations this fund is growing and actively supports vital nutrition, skills development, and socialization for children, families, and seniors.

One Burlington Inter-Faith Festival

An annual and fully inclusive celebration of harmony, dialogue, and friendship in Burlington and the wider Halton region.