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Financial Future

How are your nest eggs today?

Who is your Future:  it’s YOU.

I’m saying this because for many people – even in retirement planning – investing feels like you’re giving money to a stranger.  We remember being young but that’s gone and apple pie will never taste the same!  But now to actually create the future we need to imagine (as it comes so soon) being 20, 30, 40 years older!  And do this even as we’re rooted in the present, massively motivated by immediate rewards now and this year!  While today’s decisions impact our future lifestyle, people have been acting as if their future-self were a total stranger.  So investing feels about as much fun as paying taxes or putting $500 in the cup of someone on a street corner.

A lot of advisors suggest strategies and tactics to increase wealth.  These are good and we’ll certainly use them, but tactics and strategies don’t fuel the passion for our desired future.  They may even seem a dismal punishment for the hope of some fuzzy blissful horizon.

Deprivation strategies.  Not fun! 
Imagine our favourite treats and rewards.  I could tell you about mine;  you can tell me about yours.  A strategy could be to skip all fast foods in favour of fruit and vegies, carrots and nuts.  Or rationing your favourite Starbucks drink to once a week.  Deprivation strategies can lift your future wealth by $250,000 or more, but how many people would deprive themselves today to invest for an unknown future self?

Debts and loans … also not fun! 
Our strategies can burn a mortgage years sooner by challenging renewals, and paying weekly instead of monthly.  Destroy and refuse credit cards above 19%, and pay any debt in full each month to avoid all interest charges.  Simple or not, such strategies are ineffective for people if they’re not feeling the reward today.  They can’t taste the marshmallow or feel the tropical breeze, so they keep doing what they’ve done, or take on new debts and expenses without realizing … they’re stealing from their own future.

So we start with VISION – a crystal ball if you like, a journey into your future, accompanied by money, so you can live fully, freely, vibrantly.   

Here today we can discuss where you’ll be living in five years, twenty years, thirty five years … where you’ll be living then, the activities you enjoy, the comfort you have earned, the sense of freedom and confidence in your life, your travel experiences and more.  Family, friends, wealth and health:  these combine into your unique, driving vision for your future self.

Let’s capture this picture together. 

We can fill in the blanks, colour the details, make it bigger, bring it closer, enjoy it sooner!  We’ll make the money work too so you can add yourself into this picture, turn it into your very own movie:  design your setting and then step right into it, enjoying the Life You Choose.

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