An enduring passion to help people succeed with money

Life is so precious, and money should be continually in its service.

Brian Weatherdon, MA, CFP, CLU, CPCA. Certified Financial Planner. Certified Retirement Coach.

As a financial advisor since 1995 Brian has an enduring passion to help people succeed with money and overcome the fears that can too easily hit along life’s journey.  Money is a major contributor to your choices in life and your personal satisfaction.  In a previous career Brian witnessed the failures that hit families due to miss-spending, business failures, diagnosed illness, premature death, or living longer than one’s money.  Brian promises to protect you and your loved ones from these and other calamities.  Life is so precious, and money should be continually in its service.  So with Brian you not touch the immediate needs but also sculpt your future dreams and wishes into secure goals, matched with the wealth to enjoy and fulfil your future.

It was 2004 when Sovereign Wealth Management was born with Whitney Hammond as principal and Brian as associated advisor.  Their dedicated inside team also draws on resources among Canada’s largest financial firms.  As Brian listens attentively to your needs and develops your Certified Life and Financial Plan it becomes clear where insurance, investment, estate, and other services will best fit into your planning.  Over time, with Brian you are continually able to monitor progress, adapting your plan to any change in your needs and circumstances.

Ultimately when tomorrow is “today”, your planning continues to stay on track, assuring your financial wellbeing and personal comfort – for yourself and the ones you love.

It has been my pleasure to work with Brian as a volunteer with the Burlington Community Foundation. Brian’s passion and commitment to local philanthropy and to his clients is truly inspirational.

~ Paul Subject, entrepreneur and philanthropist
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Brian is an intelligent, dedicated and caring Individual. I have been consistently impressed over the years by both Brian’s attitude towards his work and his compassion in helping people plan their financial futures. He has a fantastic personality and great communication skills. I highly recommend him to anyone who requires a Financial Advisor.

~ Catherine Evel, CMP
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Professional, honest, trustworthy, friendly. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about Brian. His attention to detail and expertise in the financial world are very comforting. He is not the first advisor I have ever dealt with but he surely will be the last. I recommend his services to anyone and everyone I can.

~ Tom Cahill, Cahill Solutions
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Brian is an investment and insurance advisor endorsing a team approach with his clients, an approach that enhances each team member’s ability to serve their clients’ best interests.

~ Dave LeGault, CGA
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Awards and Service

Queen Elizabeth II medal (1992) for service to community

Awarded on Parliament Hill 1992 for service to represent combined interests of business, faith groups, education, and non-profit sector in the battle against child poverty.

Founding Donor:  Early and Lifelong Nutrition Fund. 

In Oakville and Burlington Community Foundations this fund is growing and actively supports vital nutrition, skills development, and socialization for children, families, and seniors.

One Burlington Inter-Faith Festival

An annual and fully inclusive celebration of harmony, dialogue, and friendship in Burlington and the wider Halton region.