Wealth Trajectory

November 2017 SWM Letter

This month we're looking at Safe Withdrawal Rates.  It’s our good fortune NOT to have been born into the royal family of Saudi Arabia.  Several of them are awaiting formal charges on corruption so they have been withdrawn.  Today's letter focuses on the much happier thought of choosing a safe income which will...
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How would you possibly budget for an experience you’d never had?   For instance in the first home you ever owned, were you surprised how many expenses arose and how tight your  money could seem in that first year of home ownership?  But the question now isn’t cash-flow for a short time, but...
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Life Income Mandates – to secure Income for Life

How would you "Guarantee" to never run out of money!   From pension or selling a business, inheritance or life-savings, I'm speaking of five key "mandates" to safeguard your financial success and confidence.  When? ...soon as we meet together, and then consistently today and through your retirement years, even into your estate.  ...
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