Estate Insurance

I’m missing Charles who became a dear friend of mine in 1997 as we built their family’s Estate Insurance.  Recently Charles passed away.  Ann continues with us, and their remaining insurance will pay at her passing.  If I share some of their story with you, it could help with questions you have...
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Trust the next generation by setting up a Trust

(Guest submission by Joseph Berljawsky, BSW, MSW, BCL & LL.B. One of the major issues of estate planning is discussing and communicating plans to the next generation.  Sometimes this is because the issue is taboo and sometimes it is because of worries that the next generation will not manage the money responsibly.  It...
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Hazards to Avoid in Estate Planning

Is estate planning on the radar these days for yourself or your family?  Hearing news of other families' losses and challenges, do you want to avoid such hazards in your own estate planning?   ... It's not just the money; not just the treasures and trinkets saved over 60 or 90 years.  It's the...
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