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March 2016 SWM Letter

We could title this The Year of Illusions except that probably belonged to 2015.  In the Chinese calendar we’re now in the year of the Monkey, perhaps suggesting luck, romance, and good fortune.  A picture you’ll see here is not a monkey and it suggests that much of what we see or...
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December 2015 Sovereign Wealth Letter

2015 is a year that tests how we invest and the results we achieve.  Many markets including Canada are down 10% this year.  Our investment program has protected against such loss, as our results currently range +/- 2%.  Two things I want you to receive in today’s letter include:  (a) what we...
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Imagine a title:  "FIXED-INCOME:  Mr. HYDE becomes Dr. JEKYLL".   Or another sub-title could simply be, “Don’t lose our money!”  ...because that is exactly what can be at risk now with fixed-income investing.  Don't use the last thirty years as your guide because the rear view mirror is a dangerous guide to the...
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What if the Future were Taken Away?

It’s an open question.  Thinking of this together may be more valuable than anything we could write about it.  Realizing how the future could slip away, or Lifestyle and Comforts can disappear, we can also today find how to protect our future and the life we want.

Jot on a piece of paper...

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Queen Elizabeth II medal (1992) for service to community

Awarded on Parliament Hill 1992 for service to represent combined interests of business, faith groups, education, and non-profit sector in the battle against child poverty.

Million Dollar Round Table Member

Million Dollar Round Table represents a top level of insurance- and financial-advisors among near 90 nations world-wide, fostering highest levels of professional commitment and morality, lifelong study, mentorship and collegiality.

Community Involvement

Brian is enthusiastically active among charities, community foundations, and faith groups to enrich human development and potential for children in need, families in transition, and seniors in solitude.