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Exit Strategies for a Business (Video)

Death and delay are poor strategies for exiting a business. What is the Life you want after selling your business? What future results are vital for lifestyle and family? Hear a few stories and share the discussion that can help unlock your future.

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Business Owner’s Wealth Trajectory

Laura was a business owner, telling me what bothers her most: "No one is taking care of ME", she said. "I've put my heart and soul on the line for this business. But even after 15 years - and presumably building my wealth here - I don't know what I'm going to...
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Practice Retiring to Enjoy the Real Thing

Did you ever think to practice retiring?  My father was ahead of his time and a great example to those who knew him.  It wasn’t just that he retired younger than most (he was 61, retiring in 1981) but he also understood something valuable of life and preparing what you want to...
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