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What would it be like if money could stick like bubblegum - and more was always coming your way?  Wouldn't that be great?  And you'd never run out of it!  ... So here's what I'll introduce so you can safely, freely, explore further in this website or my books, and Read more

Young Professionals want Financial Planning

Young professionals get to the heart of things quickly.  So I welcome you to dive in exactly where this interests you.  Also share freely with ten others who will be grateful for your help.   What do you want? ....to start let's build wealth, avoid high risks, slash debts, achieve lasting goals,...
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TOMORROW WILL BE TODAY someday – are you prepared?

Retirement seems elusive and this frightens many people today.  It’s nothing like the dreams popularized in TV ads.  Worrying carves lines into their faces from years of work, financial stress, endless expenses and uncertainty for the future.  A fellow describes his retirement plan as eating a piece of dog food each day...
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VALUES … Unlock your Future

Without a map, and lacking a purpose and destination, people can land in unhappy places.  The board game “Snakes And Ladders” illustrates peoples’ rocky relationship with money.  When cash is plentiful people spend freely.  When times turn down, however, money becomes slippery. Too quickly it’s gone!  To make wealth a faithful servant...
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