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Marie’s Pension …for her Grandchildren

Marie came for help preparing her retirement ...and to commute (personalize) her pension.   As we spoke together she told me that women in her family didn't live so long.  She felt her clock ticking away!  With a husband surviving cancer she wanted to ensure the value of her PENSION would remain safely...
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Exit Strategies for a Pension (VIDEO)

Exit strategies from a pension are a vital consideration to enjoy the life you choose with the pension values you’ve accumulated. Some people choose to stay in their pension plan (and some pensions don’t even allow a choice). Yet many are electing to move their money from the pension into a self-directed strategy. The choice is a personal one, and the issues are vital and irrevocable.

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Exit Strategies for Your Pension (Video)

Vital to align pension choices with lifestyle, security, and freedom you want in life. Here are main issues to consider with your pension, and how it will best support lifestyle, family, future needs and estate planning. Unique uses to help seed a family business, or bequeath value to spouse, family, grandchildren or philanthropy… Aligning Pension with your Life Horizons.

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