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Imagine a title:  "FIXED-INCOME:  Mr. HYDE becomes Dr. JEKYLL".   Or another sub-title could simply be, “Don’t lose our money!”  ...because that is exactly what can be at risk now with fixed-income investing.  Don't use the last thirty years as your guide because the rear view mirror is a dangerous guide to the...
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STICKY MONEY — Secret Sauce for Life Income

What you find in this site will help you attract, build and enjoy Wealth for the Lifestyle you choose!  Despite the money-problems people have these days, and the fears of what it can mean to lose life-savings, there are simple solutions to MAKE YOUR MONEY STICK TO YOU ...so you never run...
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Real Estate Investing

This isn’t your hearth and home unless you have a rental suite attached.  I’m speaking of property that generates “income” as well as growth.  This reduces your risk, helps pay the bills, and makes you king or queen of your “castle”. Owning income properties, whether residential or commercial, can eventually make you queen...
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