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What would it be like if money could stick like bubblegum - and more was always coming your way?  Wouldn't that be great?  And you'd never run out of it!  ... So here's what I'll introduce so you can safely, freely, explore further in this website or my books, and Read more


Owning real estate property to build wealth and income is popular.  What you may want to avoid are the midnight calls for plumbing or electrical, messes between tenants, or taking someone to court.  So here we share how to own an excellent portfolio of properties while keeping things both simple and profitable.

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Personalized Pension Plan: life-choices, mandates

Twenty years I’ve advised, and ten years I’ve offered public and virtual seminars on getting the most Life from the value in your Pension Plan.  What are your Choices?  How do you optimize Value for the Life you want?  Would you dare ponder how to personalize a pension that seems to promise...
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TOMORROW WILL BE TODAY someday – are you prepared?

Retirement seems elusive and this frightens many people today.  It’s nothing like the dreams popularized in TV ads.  Worrying carves lines into their faces from years of work, financial stress, endless expenses and uncertainty for the future.  A fellow describes his retirement plan as eating a piece of dog food each day...
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