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What makes You Richer?

Career?  Business?  Savings and net wealth?  Yet being richer is more than all these.  Add in the freedom to make your own decisions.  Add health and the ability to fulfil personal dreams and goals.  Yet still there is more if you’d be truly “rich”!   Consider also family and relationships who contribute to...
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Estate Insurance

I’m missing Charles who became a dear friend of mine in 1997 as we built their family’s Estate Insurance.  Recently Charles passed away.  Ann continues with us, and their remaining insurance will pay at her passing.  If I share some of their story with you, it could help with questions you have...
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Bigger Footprint – live larger in charity

People speak of reducing a footprint, but what if we can make a Bigger Footprint and change our world for the better!  Have you considered putting your name on a community- or charitable foundation? There are many reasons you can open a foundation! Some arise from personal experience. Others from business strategies or...
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