Our Services to Help You

Our focus ensures that our clients can align their personal life values and goals with the financial process to achieve and sustain them.  How we do this is a never-ending strategic process with consistent ongoing service, resulting in clear confidence and success:

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A vital way to consider these services is to see how they fit together to create endless improvement and ongoing success.  It is a systematic and logical format that is immensely effective.

1. Discussion of Values, Concerns and Needs
We clearly discuss the concerns and needs you bring to our attention, along with related matters we discover and can address in due course.  With matters of wealth, personal income, and family, we can help you express your most important “values” which guide the results we will have to attain.  Some of the stories in this website highlight how we move from a core system of values to the results you want to secure.

2. A “Life and Financial Plan”
Our purpose here is to align your financial resources with your desired lifestyle and personal values.  Life for you is uniquely different than anyone else:  we carefully reflect this in our planning with you.  And if you bring a specific issue at first, we're naturally starting to understand each other and how our services will fit into your future steps.  My own name for this is life-and-financial-planning -- aligning the life you choose with the wealth that helps you enjoy it.

3. Insurance planning
This area is broad enough to include term insurance for your dependents, term or permanent insurance for your business planning, universal life or whole life insurances to facilitate a stronger pension or business succession, or to offset taxes and leave a more vigorous estate.  Insurance can pay you lump sum or monthly benefits during illness or disability whether in your working years or even to age 100.  It can increase market value of your business.  It can multiply your philanthropic achievements, enhancing tax-benefits to your estate.  Insurance can also supplement life-income through Life Pay-out Annuities or in collateralizing insurance values you own personally or in your business.

4. Investment planning
Here we identify ways to reduce risk while sustaining high income in a carefully diversified portfolio.  Many who visit this website are looking for a safe and comfortable way to sustain life-income and pay less tax.  When we're speaking together we can discuss "income mandates" and how to reduce tax while providing safe and flexible income for all of life's seasons.

5. Certified Financial Planning
This includes what is above, and aligns your wealth and its trajectory over the years ahead. How will it grow?  How is it being consumed?  How will you fund emergency needs that arise along the way?  Where is the cushion of surplus assets for later years?  What value will remain as final gifts, trusts, and legacies from your estate?  How may such gifts be streamlined to reduce tax and complexity?  This all-encompassing approach gives peace and confidence that all is well.

6. Collaboration as a Stewardship Team
No one is a rock or an island - we create our best results as part of your professional team.  Our clients are strongest when we can collaborate with the accounting firm, estate lawyer, business attorney, valuator, other advisors and trusted family members as needed.  Laser focus is on integrity and results.  High-wealth families sometimes seek all such services from within one advisory firm.  Yet families with $1-to-$10 million in assets also deserve vigorous stewardship, laser focus, and attention to low costs.

Other services include:

  • Seminars in business & retirement communities
  • Presentations on personal & corporate philanthropy
  • Mentoring/encouraging insurance and financial advisors
  • Collaborating and supporting professional advisory services
  • Rethinking donor campaigns as a "give" instead of "ask"
  • Publishing unbiased and collaborative resources