Visioning your Retirement Lifestyle

Some people quietly admit they have no idea what their future may hold.  Visioning your retirement lifestyle is an easy and enjoyable process to help open what you want to be enjoying - what will help you fulfil your life and future years - once you move on from your current duties and activities.

Visioning your retirement was born...

"Visioning your retirement" was born one evening many years ago when I met with a couple who wanted me to review their financial planning and preparation for retirement.  Thing is, they had no idea what kind of future they might have.  They were locked into fears about former financial problems they never wanted to repeat.  So their future vision was solely based in fears and "away-from" motivations.  This potentially sabotaged the future they might enjoy, particularly since they had shied away from looking forward and dreaming bigger dreams.

So that evening we began a process that I call Visioning your Retirement Lifestyle.   We started by asking where in the world they would wake up in the morning if they were at least temporarily retired and found themselves in their most favourite part of the world.

They had fun - came alive - answering that question.  And this is where they started building their dream for retirement.

That too is where the video will help you shape and accelerate your own dreams and motivation for the future.

Create a compelling dream for your future

Before clicking on the video pause for one moment if you can, in visioning your retirement.  Where are you going?  What do you see for your future?  What stories can you create and share about this future?

Being clearer on your destination and desired lifestyle, you'll build your story.  What do you want to do?  What activities will be significant for you?  Where will you be; where will you travel?  What experiences will  you enjoy?  Who is there with you, enjoying all this?

Build your own movie -- be your own star!

Now you can click and hit play.   And as you do so, consider how you'll build your own movie -- the one you step into for your own retirement.  Turn up the lights for your future, add all the colours and action you want, and enjoy visioning your retirement lifestyle.

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Brian Weatherdon, MA CFP CLU CPCA MDRT


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