Financial Stewardship for Life and Estate

Have you considered financial stewardship as a way to secure your life income and family wealth?

No greater question arises in most peoples’ minds today than how to secure a reliable income for life, while leaving a healthy estate for their family!  No one wants to worry if their money will fail them, or slip away into the hands of others.

Worries arise in so many ways. Will health costs be an issue? Are adult children still dependent on help? Did persistent debts, economic or business events hold you back?  Have investments failed?  Do low interest rates hurt your income? Are you worried about future tax-hikes, or losing health benefits?

Financial stewardship reduces risk

People often raise such personal issues.  Unresolved, such worries can even affect health!  Heart disease, strokes, and disease in general tend to be worse among people with persistent fears of financial insecurity.

Fact is, a financial steward can help address these concerns. You want someone accredited and with experience to serve you.  They have to care about your results: resolving issues, easing complexity, offering a safe path forward.

Financial stewardship is a "team" process

Beside a given advisor let's look at the value of your “team.” I believe the strongest results come when we build a Stewardship Team. With modest resources a team may be you and another family member working with a certified advisor. We focus on keeping your wealth and income safe throughout the years.

Greater wealth may arise with an executive pension, selling a business, inheritance, or ongoing savings. You want to protect this and secure personal goals in your life.  Your stewardship team can focus to sustain wealth, perpetuate your income, and protect your final estate.

In this context your Stewardship Team can include your certified financial planner, your accounting firm, and your insurance, legal and estate planning advisors. These can work together to define and maintain your plan. Meeting on a regular basis this team can steward and safeguard the way forward.  See more: Stewardship and your Business.

Your success in financial stewardship

Your turn. Have you been stressing about financial matters for yourself or your family? Have you felt that financial goals were complex, cluttered or unattainable? Were you unsure how to identify and achieve goals for life income and your estate?

Financial stewardship will help you clarify these needs, crystallize the solutions, and support your success and confidence for life!

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Brian Weatherdon, MA CFP CLU CPCA MDRT



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