Practice Retiring to Enjoy the Real Thing

Did you ever think to practice retiring?  My father was ahead of his time and a great example to those who knew him.  It wasn’t just that he retired younger than most (he was 61, retiring in 1981) but he also understood something valuable of life and preparing what you want to be enjoying in your retirement.

Burdened by today's pressures

Couple_HikingToo often, people are swamped in duties, bills, and working to age 65 or 70+. A professional career or running a business hold many pressures. Too little time remains to fully explore how you want to enjoy retirement!

Do you believe you can quit “cold turkey”? Some confess they have no special dream at all.  Looking forward is a 'void.  There's no dream for the future. Have you known anyone like this?

Practicing your dreams for retirement

What are your dreams for retirement?  Can you pause at times to practice retiring and explore how you would enjoy your future?

Russell and Laurie are friends of mine. He pops in sometimes to say “hi” since he cleared his Fridays. Laurie takes off every second Friday. Next year they will retire fully. They can’t wait!  They've been able to practice retiring and they're eager now to enjoy the future. With 3-day weekends, and traveling several times a year, they've learned how to practice retiring.

I recall my father in the 1960s / 1970s mentioning people whose health failed after retiring. Some died too soon. This is more likely if our whole identity and lifestyle are about work, and then we suddenly retire. Some cannot adjust - or seek less than what life can offer.

Practice Retiring from family business

LofWealth Book CoverGlenda is another friend, now migrating her business to a new generation including two children and another team member. Glenda now works half-time. As the new generation becomes more confident, Glenda traveling more.  This prepares the business to succeed without her. It also strengthens the team and assures that Glenda can enjoy life the way she wants.

Getting the life you choose

Money and wealth are about life - indeed their worthless unless you can enjoy life!  So as you consider your life today and what you want for your future, what can you do right now, or who can you speak with that will help you practice retiring to the life you choose?

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Brian Weatherdon, MA CFP CLU CPCA MDRT



  1. This makes so much sense Brian. I find it so sad when people tell me they are waiting for retirement to do this and that. Why Wait? I look to retirement as a time when I will increase time devoted to activities I have already started.

  2. Exactly Stephanie … enjoying life daily is the best practice for enjoying life always 🙂

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