April 2018 SWM Letter — When Markets are Flat

We touch three main areas today.  (We'll limit any comments on freezing weather or strange events in Washington.)   (1) While investment markets have been especially volatile you might hear the Bee Gees in “staying alive.”  Or Carol King with “the best is yet to come”.   (2) We have some funny news...
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March 2018 SWM Letter — Connecting our Future Self

“Connecting with our future self” is a potent process to enhance life today plus expand our experiences for the future.  In this brief letter we’ll explore how to LOVE YOUR FUTURE SELF even in our investment and financial planning.  Can anyone in the world take better care of your future than you...
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February 2018 SWM Letter — Snakes and Ladders?

It naturally garners attention when markets fall 10% in ten days.  Especially so, as nearly two years passed without even 5% decline.  So what can we observe and learn from this kind of event?  Where does the word “risk” come to play in this?  And how do we focus to continue building...
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