Opening New Financial Pathways for LIFE

It took courage to walk but we did it. It took courage to fly but we’ve done that too. Two weeks’ vacation can be a challenge these days but even this we can manage. What’s holding you back from new steps you want to achieve in your personal life, financial success, and future dreams?

Hurdles standing between You and your Future

Hurdles are things you leap over or just blow past along the way. (Apologies to our agile hurdle experts!) Getting back to school, or new stages of your career, are periodic hurdles. And 25 or 40 years in a career make Retirement a hurdle because your income, daily habits, personal identity, and close friends are so easily related to your career or your business.

So what’s next for you? What is your Future?

In your 30s & 40s you probably put personal goals on hold to manage family or debts, and the challenge of building the success and reaching the prize… And as you race so hard toward your future, you’re trying also to control debts, ease some of the stresses, and carve out some personal freedom in your life.

In your 50s & 60s this game of “capture the flag” is partly about Retirement. But we’re also changing retirement. Your retirement can be different than anyone else’s. Perhaps you want less stress, an easier life with more freedom, travel, and family time, working part-time or seasonally. Maybe you’ll keep the business going until you’re 80! …or a succession plan turns this into a Family Enterprise with suitable mentorship so the next generation can steer this boat forward.

And money! Can you assure your future?

Pic _ Retirement HurdlesRecent surveys suggest people need $1Million (some need $3M – and that’s aside from home-equity) to retire comfortably. On average people nearing retirement fall short by over $1/2 Million. What does that say for the future? And our future health-expenses are rising, while governments will have to cut expenses. If there was ever a time to carve New Financial Pathways to your Future, today is the time. And it's high time for a plan that certifies and safeguards your income to age 90 or beyond.

No time to be unsure of your Future!

Standing where you are today, are you confident about the future? Let me introduce you to a room where your family and friends are gathered, but now see each of them in a new light …hear the real stories they were keeping to themselves. And be aware of your own story, because you want to know how safe YOU will be as the journey continues.

Alan is a career professional with great savings but a nagging fear that they’ll outlive their money, and no idea what to do about it.  Barb is his daughter and at age 36 already has a strong career, an admirable home and lifestyle, yet wonders how to better design her strategies and accelerate her wealth.  Corie quietly admits to being reckless with money; now downsized at age 63, their trajectory puts them homeless and dependent on their kids by age 72.  Dani and Don discuss differing views of their business and the role of their two children … bringing vital questions of sale vs. succession and how to design retirement income strategies. You can imagine other stories in the room; and then you have your own story to live and develop too...

As you ponder all this, is there reason for us to be talking? Who is helping you steward and safeguard your future, and the wellbeing of those who are depending on you?  ...And who do you know, whom we could be helping successfully over the vital hurdles to their future?

8 Questions to help open new avenues...

  • What further skills, interests, or connections would boost your income?
  • What expenses or overhead could you reduce: how soon? how much?
  • Career or business: how will it evolve to expand your freedom & lifestyle?
  • Are you worrying needlessly? …do you have a strong team & plan in place?
  • Are you reducing debt? How have you provided for illness or long term care?
  • Is a senior generation already preparing an efficient transfer of family wealth?
  • Are there iron-clad “mandates” to protect life income (life income mandates)?
  • Who is a financial steward that can help you shape the Future You Want?
“A Lifetime Of Wealth – And How Not To Lose It” offers a fun appendix item, Twenty Ways to Brainstorm your Future. For a free copy (PDF e-book) reach me directly, or order at  Amazon so the entire proceeds help Child and Family Charities as shown page 134.  Another resource for younger adults and families (say age 25-45) is "Protecting Life, Loved Ones, and Future Dreams" and you can similarly receive this from me directly or from Amazon.
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