June 2017 SWM Letter

BBQs beckon, travelling tantalizes, camp fires crackle, and among such summer delights you may ponder what matters most in life.  This naturally leads beyond physical assets and account statements to people we love most dearly and even the generations to come.  As Tom Deans wrote in Willing Wisdom, “our DNA will continue and with it a profound sense of hope for humanity.”  Our preparations to protect income and wealth will ultimately impact not just ourselves but also our loved ones into future generations.  It’s cause for pause as we contemplate the future of family wealth and health.

Estate Nightmares to Avoid.


Would it surprise you to learn, twelve million adults in Canada still are without Wills and Powers of Attorney for health and for property?  Can you imagine so many who are neglecting this clear way to protect their families from exorbitant costs (time and money) and from conflict and grief!

Wills and POAs are the way you can express your lasting wishes.  In their absence, a catastrophe will cascade over families at the worst of times.  If you or your family need fuel or incentive to get this done have a look at what I've recently shared in Silver And Gold Magazine“Beware Estate Nightmares” part-2 is here on page 30, and ask me to send part-1 if you haven't already seen it.  (Other juicy ideas you can enjoy in this "boomers" magazine include:  health, travel, real estate, weeds, ideas to make impossible tasks easy (p.10), and tasty tidbits about snacks and foods.)

More Valuable than Home or Mortgage.

MORE VALUABLE THAN A HOUSE ....see more at the link

Younger readers (even age 20s, 50s, 60s) want to cut costs and save money while protecting home, family, and financial dreams.  In a page here we’ve collected five key news-warnings on mortgage insurance.  I explain how to fix this problem – how you can shave costs.  You know someone who should see this?  Click on  get more, pay less, for better guarantees!   Two stories (names changed) help drive this point home.  And while doing this, keep in mind a question – the answer may surprise you – “what is your most valuable asset?”   Having the right answer can make all the difference!

Canada Day …what it means to you!

Canada Day plans?  Most of us will be celebrating Canada 150.  Our family will be on Parliament Hill.  1967 in Ottawa was the biggest party I had ever attended.  2017 will be even bigger.  Remember too our first nations are celebrating something closer to “Canada 15,000.”  We are a vibrant people, a compassionate people, a nation punching beyond our weight, contributing beyond the mere # of our population.  Proud Canadian? …stand tall and be grateful on our special day  🙂  (As I’m away that week my July letter will reach you approx. mid-July.)

Retirement Tragedies to Avoid:

Two recent stories could suggest greater strategies for a resourceful and rewarding retirement for yourself or a loved one.  Retirement should mean renewing energy, reviving vision, rewiring activities, restoring youthful attitudes, re-engaging with local/global community in new ways, re-polishing our life at home or away. 

With such in mind I published a self-coaching manual, Your Business, Your Retirement (2015) to help people brighten their future.  Too many have lived with doomed ideas of retirement -- actually a terminal life sentence.  It’s vital to focus on the good life, a great life, an excellent life at every stage along the way.

Michael was fed up with the corporate ladder, yet plagued with worry on how they’d live without his steady pay.  He didn’t know how much money he needed, what he’d do if he left work, or even how personal identity would survive without work.  With his wife, they decided problems at work were plaguing his health, so they met me to get clear about life, health, financial freedom for the next 30+ years.  Finally Michael started to see that the best years of his life could actually be in front of him - not behind him!  This opened the door, and this couple will continue to shape a healthier and happier life for all the years to come.

Carla was worried about her brother who took an early retirement but had lost his “get up and go” in daily life.  He sat by the TV until doctors had to put stents in his arteries to avoid a heart attack.  Under-loaded may be as harmful as being overloaded.  Money is no answer if life is an empty shell.  Time and again I’ve shared resources about “visioning your future” to help people create an active and enjoyable life …whatever that may mean for you, at any age or stage of living.  This suggests we turn and focus on renewing and expanding life for greater enjoyment and fulfilment.

What personal wishes or goals do you have that with proper care and nurture can lead you to even greater satisfaction and happiness now than you've enjoyed in your past?  And once you have that in place, can can discuss the “one more thing” … adding into your experience to make life ever-richer and more fulfilling!

Closing words today – a word on summer markets.

I often mention that investment markets will pause or drop at times along the way.  This is a natural part of the journey as we invest to secure life income against rising costs in a low-interest world.  At the same time we realize Canada’s market to this point in 2017 has hardly budged.  Europe is clearing political and other hurdles, unlocking potential for increasing growth.  Emerging markets have been on an upward blast if that’s not too strong a term.  While the U.S. market is at all-time highs this seems well supported (as in Canada) by strengthening exports and improving job statistics.

Some time if you hear Canadian or world markets drop for a few weeks, how should you respond?   Younger people will cheer because dips mean their monthly investing is buying on-sale.  Investors in or near retirement can appreciate the safety of using an “income reservoir” for their monthly income payments, so they continue safely even when equities dip temporarily.  All of us can focus on the sustained and rising “YIELD” from dividends, real estate and infrastructure assets, etc., which propel and sustain LIFE INCOME for the years ahead.

Happy summertime to you and your dear ones!   Reach us directly, any time, on any need or question, also to introduce us if we can help you or someone you know.

Yours in Financial Security for LIFE!

Brian Weatherdon, MA CFP CLU CPCA. 
Certified Financial Planner.  Certified Retirement Coach.
627 Guelph Line, Burlington, Ont. L7R 3M7. 905-637-3500 x 223

Email:   Brian@SovereignWealth.ca 

Author of : 
> A Lifetime Of Wealth - And How Not To Lose It. (2013). 
> Protecting Life, Loved Ones, and Future Dreams (2013).
> Your Business - Your Retirement:  Halton Retirement Study (2015)

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