Jumping Into the Retirement Wave

“Customize your retirement to fit your own dreams and satisfaction…”

Retirement can bring mixed feelings.

I knew a woman in the midst of selling part of her business.  She wanted to keep one division where she especially expresses her most creative and unique talents.  Awesome dream -- and an opportunity to say “goodbye" to stress!

Bill and Jan have enough money and to spare!  Bill's personal sense of identity however is closely linked to work-based relationships and serving clients.  Bill says, “If I were to retire, I’d need something else to do: why retire?”   Most likely he will keep working until he finds a good answer!

Ill health can force unwanted retirement. Dan with Parkinsons Disease feels his health declining. He and his wife are business partners, but how will they manage the future? She is especially worried because it may soon become more vital to take care of Dan’s needs, than anything else in their business.

Many intricate concerns weave through a family business.  Let’s focus on how to guard the value of your business and the life you want to enjoy.

Is retirement unhealthy?

Can be!  You know some through the years have “retired only to die!”  Without preparation for a new lifestyle, life can wither.  So let's turn our focus to creating more meaning and even greater satisfaction in life than what we've had up to now.

After mid-career, even if you are 45 or 55, I highly recommend you choose some new experiences you want to have each and every year.  What will you do this year and next, that is totally new and off the charts for you?  Add something every year that you can enjoy fully.  If you come up with ten things you want to add to your “bucket list” circle the top three—then do them!  And write a new list of ten.

I hope you know, the “bucket-list” isn’t for dying, it’s for living. In fact this is so important that if you email me three new things you want to enjoy this coming year I’ll hunt down my one remaining copy of "The Bucket List" and give it to you -- or my book "A Lifetime Of Wealth and How Not To Lose It".

Bucket-Lists are for LIVING

Jumping into WaveConsider how you can prepare ahead before JUMPING INTO THE RETIREMENT WAVE.  Practice makes perfect -- right?   So start building some behaviours around retirement that you will be practicing even now in your 40s or 50s.   And if you didn't do this soon enough, then that's ok just start practicing now.

Customize your retirement to fit your personal dreams, goals, and satisfaction…”  Can you shift to a 4-day week?  Can you put more 4-day weekends into your life?  If you’re married or have a partner, explore it as a couple because retirement is a major shift for everyone.

Try a temporary retirement for 3 weeks.  Many business owners say they haven't been away for a two week family vacation for many years.  So get on this, and then move it from 3 weeks to 4, and then arrange 5 weeks or longer!  Consider what your work environment and team will have to be, that you'll be able to leave this long without sacrificing profits. And on the personal side, allow yourself to work out the wrinkles and improve how it feels.  The comfort and peace of a renewing or even intimate vacation will become even better as you learn it's possible to stop rushing and stressing about business.

Consider the “Life Horizons” of retirement.

Many want the first ten to fifteen years to be high-spending years. This is when you catch-up if you've been missing key life experiences. If you’re going to climb Kilimanjaro you want to do it without a cane.  Don’t wait!  Don’t regret!  Just do it!  (See more about securing your Life Horizons.)

Let’s design a “permission slip” which you write for yourself, allowing you to spend early, and still keep a safe “bucket” for guaranteed income in later years. We can do this, with confidence and permission to live the way you choose.

Imagine the power unleashed when our future is bigger than our past, and life is growing richer!

Your “permission slip” comes from owning a “guaranteed income for life.” We also ensure flexibility for special needs and opportunities. Now the wealth you’ve saved can unleash your future and build it larger than you imagined.

So jump into your own Retirement Wave!  Start practicing new experiences. Customize your retirement to fit your own dreams and personal satisfaction.  And along the way we’ll tailor your money to safely serve and secure your life dreams and personal enjoyment forever.

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Brian Weatherdon, MA CFP CLU CPCA MDRT


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