June 2016 SWM Letter

Dear friends,  I’m hearing the melody to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” as I reflect on continued progress we’ve made against storms that hit our world in the past year.  Perhaps you turn a deaf ear to bad news – "it comes, it goes" – but in January a couple of people were fearful things were turning into 2008 all over again.  I assured that wasn’t happening but daily news broadcasts and advertorials on the web were beating the drum furiously.

Since  then?  Markets have strengthened.

Accounts are up 5% or more.  Some plans are at all-time highs.  While the river rages beneath or around us, we have a bridge to safely cross over the greatest dangers.  You can visit this bridge again at “Sticky Money” outlining our “life income mandates”.  If you want to sit back and listen you can hear some of the stories that have progressively shaped this process to ensure our clients’ wealth and life-income will sustain them.

Twice Proven these Recent Years.

Pic _ Bridge 2

Bridging the Dangers, Easing the Journey

Two great tests of this bridge have come since Y2K.  2000-to-2002 was mainly a tech-meltdown but it stole 50% to 85% of some peoples’ investments.  2008-to-2014 was even more deadly – call it a category 6 storm as the global financial system was falling off the greatest precipice in two centuries.

As outlined in my book, “A Lifetime Of Wealth” investors with life income mandates saw a drop nearer 15% compared to world markets that fell 65% or worse.  And as markets took six years to recover, our bridge was building new value in 18-24 months.  (Results range among specific accounts and withdrawal patterns.)

Without the Bridge?

Two vital pictures come to mind.  A bridge is no practical help to someone who stays on land:  investors limiting themselves to term deposits are sacrificing a higher income-yield as well as future growth.  A bridge is also ineffectual for the zealot who dives into the raging torrent (buying someone's fad in uncertain times).  WITHOUT THE BRIDGE survival is a possibility but not a certainty, and recovery can be laden with lasting trauma.  With the bridge, we can cross over inevitable dangers because dividends and other income from real property (real estate, infrastructure) help sustain yields that stabilize our investing and smooth the waters.

  •    WITHOUT THE BRIDGE survival is a possibility
  •    but not a certainty.  Recovery can be laden with lasting
  •    trauma.  The bridge is our SAFEGUARD for Life and Wealth.

May/June are proving highly profitable.

Summer will rise and fall somewhat but 2016 looks very positive.  Canada and some Emerging Markets have already been top performers – and global positions should also prove highly rewarding in the second half.  Next month’s letter will offer a snapshot of where we are at the mid-year point, and also touch one of the greatest risks we're steering through in our world today.  Stay tuned 🙂

Bonus for you this month.

Tune into Sharkie Zartman’s interview with me on HealthyLife.net – a magnificent and highly relevant web-radio focusing on lifestyles and health.  Our clip will make easy-listening here at FH.   You’d also enjoy her inspiring new book, “Take On Aging As A Sport.” 

Questions / Vital Insights ...

Remember I’m always grateful for your questions and comments.  What you’re thinking about is vital to our progress and our success together.  This week one of our clients who is nearing 65 asked me how he can compare risks and benefits of drawing the employer-based pension versus commuting (privatising) his pension.  It’s a vital (and irrevocable) choice so you should leave no stone unturned.  If you know someone who is facing this question now, two of our best resources on this theme include:  Pension Choices, and Pension/Life Horizons.   Share freely 🙂

How can we increase/improve our service for YOU this month, this season?   We are grateful to serve and protect your Financial Security for LIFE!

Yours truly,


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