Protecting Life, Loved Ones, and Future Dreams

People have so many unanswered questions and worries about Money and Life.  What are YOUR personal goals and dreams?  Are you getting closer to them?   What has been holding you back?  Are you ready now to turn your current needs and abilities into true FINANCIAL FREEDOM?


This little book is brief and clear.  It boils down what I’ve been sharing (since 1995) helping people accelerate their wealth and financial comfort.  Let me share this with you too -- how to end or control debt, increase your income, find new sources of money, and create an overflowing wealth that surpasses your needs or desires. 

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Are you anxious about DEBTSClick for help!  Wondering how to build true and lasting WEALTHIt’s here too.  Asking about LIFE and CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCES -- to pay you or your loved ones in case of cancer, heart disease, stroke ...or even death? 

What about doing your WILL and Power of Attorney -- or updating them?   And if you need a real FINANCIAL ADVISOR how do you choose one who gives what you need at a cost you can afford (adding more value than the cost)?  This book helps you with all this and more.


Also we address vital questions like:

  • Should I pay down DEBTS or build up my PENSION / RRSP?
  • What opportunities have we been missing in Tax-Free Savings?
  • How can we avoid losses & problems in a Family Inheritance?
  • What next steps can quickly accelerate my financial success?




12 key lessons.   15 questions & answers.  This is your Personal Finance 101.  Graduate with this book for a clear pathway to personal wealth and financial success.  Start enjoying the Life You Want for yourself and your family.

Directly from Amazon (link) or reach me for a multiple order...  In fact today I'm offering you a free download (e-book below).   Advantage of hard-copy is that you'll turn it into your personal workbook with handwritten notes that are absolutely unique to yourself.   Share the opportunity with family and friends too.



Here’s the thing:  life throws many curve balls, when it’s not actually dropping a mountain on our heads.  Or it’s a mountain of money and you’re unsure how to keep it, and make it grow.   Many people lack the basic truths and secrets of money -- but this shouldn't be YOU!  Today's risks are enormous.  So think about this -- how you want to THRIVE and get money to serve your life and personal values forever.

If money fails to safeguard your life and future, then things keep getting harder.  My service and the focus of this book, is to give you the results you want, to feel more fulfilled and vibrantly successful with each year and season.

  • Worrying about debts and bills while trying to save $$?
  • Seeking to expand a business or career, on your own or as a family?
  • Could misfortune leave you on the scrap-heap if major illness hit you or your family?
  • How would you describe true Success, personally, financially?

For under $15 get this book in your hands and start making progress right away.  If $15 is too hard for you, accept my free gift today and DOWNLOAD THIS E-BOOK FREE to start moving ahead, one step at a time, to greater confidence and security!  (And when you're able please donate generously to any charity you choose serving needy families and children -- will you do this please?)

Two ways to thank me:   (1) Who do you know that would appreciate this book today?   Please share it with them right now.   (2) Also please reach me with a few words of how you've found this helpful, how we've reduced worries, fed confidence, built greater comfort and success around life and money.   Do please, let me know 🙂

How I can help further?  PLLOFD CoverPhotoReach me to speak in person or by phone or email.  And if you didn't click above, go directly now to the book (click picture now) or download directly here:


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