life income mandates


Dear friends, living longer means our world is aging you’ll see graphically in a picture below.  Healthy aging means we'll need an endless supply of money to sustain our lifestyle, personal comforts, creative passions, and later-age care.  Our enemies would include stagnant economic growth, rising health costs, sudden risks whether personal...
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Imagine a title:  "FIXED-INCOME:  Mr. HYDE becomes Dr. JEKYLL".   Or another sub-title could simply be, “Don’t lose our money!”  ...because that is exactly what can be at risk now with fixed-income investing.  Don't use the last thirty years as your guide because the rear view mirror is a dangerous guide to the...
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STICKY MONEY — Secret Sauce for Life Income

What you find in this site will help you attract, build and enjoy Wealth for the Lifestyle you choose!  Despite the money-problems people have these days, and the fears of what it can mean to lose life-savings, there are simple solutions to MAKE YOUR MONEY STICK TO YOU you never run...
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