Life Income


The November 2017 client letter focused on "Safe Withdrawal Rates."   You can see how vital this is because no one wants to outlive their money.   We'll look at whether 3%, 4%, even 6% may be a safe basis for drawing your income.   If you spend too much for too long,...
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Income Reservoir — Money When You Need It

Securing a safe INCOME RESERVOIR in your planning is our key focus today.  We can see this in our 20s to 40s, or as seniors in our 70s to 90s ...and certainly as baby-boomers.  No financial plan is safe without a “reservoir” where you can get money for special concerns or opportunities...
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Imagine a title:  "FIXED-INCOME:  Mr. HYDE becomes Dr. JEKYLL".   Or another sub-title could simply be, “Don’t lose our money!”  ...because that is exactly what can be at risk now with fixed-income investing.  Don't use the last thirty years as your guide because the rear view mirror is a dangerous guide to the...
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Owning real estate property to build wealth and income is popular.  What you may want to avoid are the midnight calls for plumbing or electrical, messes between tenants, or taking someone to court.  So here we share how to own an excellent portfolio of properties while keeping things both simple and profitable.

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Queen Elizabeth II medal (1992) for service to community

Awarded on Parliament Hill 1992 for service to represent combined interests of business, faith groups, education, and non-profit sector in the battle against child poverty.

Million Dollar Round Table Member

Million Dollar Round Table represents a top level of insurance- and financial-advisors among near 90 nations world-wide, fostering highest levels of professional commitment and morality, lifelong study, mentorship and collegiality.

Community Involvement

Brian is enthusiastically active among charities, community foundations, and faith groups to enrich human development and potential for children in need, families in transition, and seniors in solitude.