How to Build a Dream

LIFE HORIZONS — and getting Income for Life

Life is never a single stage or a single journey.  Where you are today is not where you'll end up because life changes, opportunities arise, new doorways open.   Perhaps you're looking to your next adventure vacation, mid-term to your next home, or farther out to expand your life, leisure, and retirement goals. ...
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Visioning your Retirement Lifestyle

Some people quietly admit they have no idea what their future may hold.  Visioning your retirement lifestyle is an easy and enjoyable process to help open what you want to be enjoying - what will help you fulfil your life and future years - once you move on from your current duties and...
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Business Owner’s Wealth Trajectory

Laura was a business owner, telling me what bothers her most: "No one is taking care of ME", she said. "I've put my heart and soul on the line for this business. But even after 15 years - and presumably building my wealth here - I don't know what I'm going to...
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