LONG TERM CARE — Insurance and other options

Personal reasons bring you to a page like this.  For family or for yourself, you’re wondering how to manage costs of prolonged illness, personal comfort, and Long Term Care.  Here we'll review ALL your options.   Insurance is possible (until 2018).  Spending assets or investments may help.  Family may help with nursing and...
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Happiness and Wealth (Feb.2017 Letter)

What would it be like if money could buy happiness?  Would this be a good thing?  If you could flip a switch and suddenly be wealthy and happy, how would this be?  Or if years of diligent savings had prepared you to enjoy a life of leisure and luxury travel, would this...
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Dear friends, living longer means our world is aging you’ll see graphically in a picture below.  Healthy aging means we'll need an endless supply of money to sustain our lifestyle, personal comforts, creative passions, and later-age care.  Our enemies would include stagnant economic growth, rising health costs, sudden risks whether personal...
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