Financial Planning


Dear friends, living longer means our world is aging you’ll see graphically in a picture below.  Healthy aging means we'll need an endless supply of money to sustain our lifestyle, personal comforts, creative passions, and later-age care.  Our enemies would include stagnant economic growth, rising health costs, sudden risks whether personal...
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January 2016 SWM Letter

It takes longer to share our thoughts at the opening of a new year, and especially when the news media are so hyped up on fears.  Like media who said China’s exports would fall 8% last quarter but the results dropped only 1.4%.  Or the end-of-the-world forecasters who see China’s shrinking as...
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Income Reservoir — Money When You Need It

Securing a safe INCOME RESERVOIR in your planning is our key focus today.  We can see this in our 20s to 40s, or as seniors in our 70s to 90s ...and certainly as baby-boomers.  No financial plan is safe without a “reservoir” where you can get money for special concerns or opportunities...
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