Exit Strategies


Imagine a title:  "FIXED-INCOME:  Mr. HYDE becomes Dr. JEKYLL".   Or another sub-title could simply be, “Don’t lose our money!”  ...because that is exactly what can be at risk now with fixed-income investing.  Don't use the last thirty years as your guide because the rear view mirror is a dangerous guide to the...
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Life Annuities: Cinderella or Goldilocks?

Sleeping beauty lay resting 100 years, and this has been the fate of Life Annuities since the 1990s.  Most advisors aren’t legally licensed to discuss or offer Life Annuities.  Most people are unaware how annuities can guard us from ever running out of money.  As I said to a client one time,...
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4 Barriers that keep Business Owners from Retiring

We agree there are many reasons for being in business.  Freedom of designing your own lifestyle.  Unlimited earning capacity.  Being your own boss.  Creative opportunity to innovate in your industry or field.  Sealing your impact on local or wider community.  Enjoying some perks or tax benefits along the way too.  Ultimately arranging...
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