Estate Planning

Ethical Wills – Transforming an Inheritance

April Hill is an attorney, veteran, athlete, mother of three, engaged in a variety of community services, and cherishes her dog Mitzi.  Professionally she is a powerful advocate for Elder Law and Estate Planning (based in St. Petersburg Florida). In a recent article (at this LINKshe describes helping people with their "final...
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Personalized Pension Plan: life-choices, mandates

Twenty years I’ve advised, and ten years I’ve offered public and virtual seminars on getting the most Life from the value in your Pension Plan.  What are your Choices?  How do you optimize Value for the Life you want?  Would you dare ponder how to personalize a pension that seems to promise...
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Countless are the stories of how life and health insurance improve peoples’ lives, families, business …even retirement and estate planning.  Wouldn’t you want the personal control that insurance offers to help manage or “change” the future.  Some tasty bites here show how your insurance is serving you today, or what you’ve been...
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