Baby Boomers — Exciting Next Chapter in Life

Guest post from Mark Ford, a Home Business Lifestyle Coach based in the U.K. and as close as your fingertips at   I've enjoyed Mark's updates in a Linkedin group which I host (Active Aging Baby Boomers).  His manner is genuine, generous, and focused on the lifestyle and wellbeing we want...
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Expanding your Retirement Nest Egg

What can you do?  Are you willing to do it?  For any shortcoming in life, “do-nothing” is generally the least creative, most pointless, of all our options.  Until the question is asked, however, people tend to carry on as usual.  They cannot see whether the future is bleak or beautiful …until we get...
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Start-Down — The Opposite of Start-Up

Guest Post from Eric Gilboord, CEO, WarrenBDC on the web at on building your "Start-Down" strategy --- the opposite of start-up --- as boomer business owners move to transition their business over the coming years.   Here now I'm delighted to introduce you to Eric Gilboord.

Transitions for Boomer-Aged Business...

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