Snowbird Travel Check-List

Just-in-time for your upcoming travels (or for parents and friends) here is a SNOWBIRD CHECKLIST to keep your travel plans safe and protect your home during the time away. You wouldn't want to be like Fred and Mary (or their kids!) where the lack of this planning put them down more than...
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Baby Boomers — Exciting Next Chapter in Life

Guest post from Mark Ford, a Home Business Lifestyle Coach based in the U.K. and as close as your fingertips at   I've enjoyed Mark's updates in a Linkedin group which I host (Active Aging Baby Boomers).  His manner is genuine, generous, and focused on the lifestyle and wellbeing we want...
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PENSION and two greatest ANXIETIES …6

Are you surprised that people with higher income and significant business experience would be worried about money for their retirement?   Two greatest worries in this group focus on money (life-income) and health (personal and family).  Don't assume by the house, car, or lifestyle that people are set for...
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