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Young professionals get to the heart of things quickly.  So I welcome you to dive in exactly where this interests you.  Also share freely with ten others who will be grateful for your help.   What do you want? start let's build wealth, avoid high risks, slash debts, achieve lasting goals, and create a fulfilling and happy life.   Also start to imagine your wealth "waterfall" (see below).  So for your personal goals and financial planning now take what you need and reach me for further help or questions.

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First generation in history to realize this need.   Waterfall stand_climbing

You may be the first in your family to understand the need for a financial plan.  You've seen what happened to parents, even grandparents, if they lost money and times got tough.  You also understand the future brings change, and only you can make it secure.  Many risks are ahead:  you want to be safe when such events occur.  I’ll also share how you can accelerate opportunities in career, business, and life … and pave the way to your future.

Be unique …and ‘get’ financial stewardship.

65 year old confessed, “we were poor financial stewards, we spent our money, we can only see poverty in our future”.   You don’t want to be that way – nor your parents or friends.  You need a plan to enjoy life now, grow your wealth, and expand opportunities in your future.  As a group, baby-boomers spent too much money (government and personal spending) and failed to safeguard the future.  SO YOU are the #1 steward of your wealth & future …along with a certified advisor to help guide your decisions and actions.

Role of a certified financial planner.

A certified advisor helps steer your way to success.  …and YOU get to define what this success really means for you.  Here's a start but let's talk and put this into your own words -- describe what this really means for you:

  • Freedom
  • Financial Independence
  • Ability to spend without sacrificing your future
  • Directing the movie and story of your own life!

Pic _ dollar signA true advisor brings years of study and experience to guide you forward and achieve the results you want.  Some advisors charge fees; others may waive fees if they’re paid by implementing the strategies.  Be aware, many who sell financial products are not truly advisors!  Be sure you’re getting the PLAN that aligns your personal needs, goals, objectives, with the financial strategies to succeed in your journey for life!   (All these must be in alignment;  eg. see preview of e-book.) 

Insurances – LIFE.

With family obligations, mortgage, household costs, you’ll need a million or more of life insurance.  The world’s best needs-analysis is p.14 in the e-book.   Also consider if you want insurance that will cost a fortune in future renewals, …or pay you a fortune adding to net wealth.  Both types have their purpose.  Suiting them to your needs is vital.

Insurances – Critical Illness.

Every young professional – Single or Family – needs critical illness (CI) insurance.   Who knows when we may face 6 months or a year fighting & recovering from a life-threatening illness?   What effect would that have on your financial freedom?  Cancer, stroke, heart disease, paralysis, organ failure, etc can strike at any age.  Don’t gamble.  Make sure you will get paid if one of these happens to you!

A young accountant described the impact as so many friends were being diagnosed with cancer.  She bought $250,000 guaranteed “money in the bank” if any such diagnosis should befall her.   It’s enough to retire for a year while healing; to pay bills, clear debts, reduce stress, get drugs & treatments not insured by govt or employer plans.  So illness doesn’t need to threaten your wealth;  make it trigger a huge balloon payment when you need it most.

Without CI insurance you never know when a doctor's diagnosis will steal your career, your wealth, and the lifestyle and future dreams you've worked so hard to gain.

Insurances – Disability.

There is a vast difference between owning personal disability insurance vs. having employee-based long term disability.  P.18 in the book explores this, or I can send you a brief word.doc to summarize your choices.

For low cost in the short-term, many use work-based disability coverage.  For executive options, people choose private coverage.  Which do you have?  If 1/3 will have a lengthy disability in our lives, wouldn’t you want to be sure your income will continue?

Eliminate debts that charge you 10%, 19%,  29% … !!

Debt Free pic

Overcome unwanted debts and stresses

Don’t let it happen.   If it’s already happening, get it fixed.  Nothing destroys wealth, peace, and family faster than unresolved debt.  My book offers a section to help clear your debts.  A woman recently told me of the two years it took to clear the incredibly painful interest charges at 19% to 30%.

To see what this really means in tax-planning terms, she’d have to earn 30% to 50% by investing to equal paying down her debt.  It’s a cruel world where firms pay <2% on deposits and yet charge 10%, 20% or more on the debt you owe them.

If you have such depressing debts weighing you down, get rid of them.  If you don't get yourself free from all that, you'll never reach the personal goals, freedom and security you're seeking.


Invisible as hunger and homelessness, fraud is everywhere.  Google your city’s name + “fraud” – it will turn up 500,000 webpages.  Learn how to avoid fraud and minimize the hit should it ever happen to you.  And make sure you have a financial advisor to steward your well being -- not pad their own pockets.  Vital steps in your financial planning will protect you from fraud that is hitting others.

Inflation … destroys wealth!

A 32-year old figured 1% interest is safe since they’re not losing money.  But inflation is 2% ...meaning they’re losing 1%.  As inflation rises, they’ll lose even more purchasing power ...which means you're losing your freedom!   And it gets worse with age because seniors are facing 10% inflation in healthcare expenses.  So you want a financial plan to secure against inflation and protect your life and wealth.

Stock markets can destroy wealth!

Not stock markets really – it’s human behaviour that destroys wealth.  People invest without understanding, or from get-rich-quick schemes, or with simplistic models that break down.  Also when markets fall people sell on bad news instead of buying at such times of special opportunity.  Wealth-building needs a financial plan!

Similar for Grandparents 

Amazing news!  In “Life Income Mandates” we highlight safety for retirement and senior years.  Same is true for young professionals because you have active goals for house, business, family, travel ...  and your goals for the next 5 years may need less risk than grandparents who are securing income for 25 years.

Four of these mandates are especially powerfully for the young professional.  High income and reliable growth from every dollar you invest will help reach your immediate and upcoming goals.

Stay Away from High Risks.

My first investment, in 1989, lost 100% and never recovered.  Don't do that!  Our focus on low-risk and high-income investing has survived the past 10, 50, and 200 years!  We could sit down with people in 1920 and discuss principles that remain successful and largely unchanged today.  I’ll share some of these stories with you if you like...

Safe strategic growth & income follows from global corporate dividends, income from infrastructure and real estate, and other low-risk investments.  We can accelerate growth in other aspects of your investing, depending on your needs and your comfort.  In a unique financial plan for you, we’ll safeguard your immediate and long term goals.

You don’t need high risks.   They used to say young people can take a severe loss because they have so much time to recover and still build more wealth.   But you probably agree it’s senseless to take losses in the first place.  If I’d never lost my first investment, what would that be worth today?   And less stress too!

Standing in a Cascading Waterfall of Wealth.

Waterfall _ standing in

Enjoy Endless Cascading Wealth

What if you Inherit the Waterfall:   some people inherit their parents’ financial disappointments and health expenses.   But what if we could change this.  Revisit Life Income Mandates (above) with a view to your parents’ and grandparents’ well being.  Proper planning will sustain investments, reduce taxes, avoid probate fees at death, and multiply family wealth when families plan and prepare the whole picture.  Now WHO has the fortune of standing at the base of this waterfall?   You …and generations who follow!


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  1. Brian, I don’t think many young professionals will heed your advice as they feel these things happen to others. But, I hope they take it to heart as I can attest that the “others” are us.

    • Hi Philip …yes younger or not, people often feel planning is for others, or can wait until later. Yet many twenties/thirties do understand the value of planning today, avoiding tragic losses that hit their parents, and making the forward-journey easier for themselves. Share the word — we love helping younger professionals & entrepreneurs to achieve and secure their goals and dreams. 🙂

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