What you want in a Financial Planner / Advisor

When people search for a financial planner or advisor what are they looking for?  Generally to solve a problem, relieve a worry, or even gain insight to improve their life.  Some have a good advisor yet want a second opinion to confirm all is well.  If one has suffered a harmful setback they'll need a trustworthy and caring advisor to lead them forward.   Life circumstances may be changing -- eg. through marriage, children, empty-nest, approaching retirement, death of spouse, or change in career or business -- suggesting vital new approaches for financial care and stewardship.

Certified Financial Planner for Life

What you want in a Financial Planner / advisor probably relates first to what's happening in your Life.  At an earlier stage it's getting married and establishing home and family.  In middle years, your own planning could be foremost, as well as key issues for your parents so their future needs and health bills don't damage your retirement plans.  Vital too is financial foresight and preparation so we'll be able to enjoy the Life Horizons of our retirement years.

Financial Planner for Career and Business

In our working years, and especially in business or professional career, you want to build your confidence that you have a future life with dreams to fulfill.  This brings into focus your exit strategy from business, or your exit strategy from a pension.

A time must come to shed the stresses you carry so naturally through your career -- a time to step off the treadmill and onto a sandy beach or wherever your dreams will take you.  If you haven't taken time to think much about your retirement lifestyle I can share engaging stories and resilient resources to help assure your future.   You can take mini-retirements to "practice the real thing".    And as a foundation we also work up your "wealth trajectory" to reduce risks and prove your wealth will continue safely for Life!

Financial Planner for your Family

Special needs arise often in retirement planning.  Is a child dependent?   Is a spouse chronically ill?  Are major expenses involved?  Is your #1 focus to avoid running out of money while you're still living?  Are you also concerned to protect significant value for family, such as how we help you bequeath pension to your grandchildren?  (See Marie's story in the Pension learning module or in the book.)

Business interests can focus on a successful succession of family business to the next generation.  Or it may be a business owner selling and becoming an "angel" to the next generation's start-up.  Key of course is ensuring the retiring owner has a secure base of ongoing Income for Life  (see Life Income Mandates... or listen in Video).

Certified Financial Planner to Secure our Future

Golden_EggToday you want to know that the work and effort you're going through will all be rewarded and achieve the life you want.  For the future, you want total assurance your plans will stay on track.   What proven principles can reduce life's risks and hazards, and safeguard the life you want?   What processes can allow us to say, you will never run out of money?   What strategies continue to build wealth and assure lifelong results for your and your loved ones?

These are dynamite questions!  And with these come more as we build laser vision on the future you want - what's most important for your future.  Specific stocks, deposits, funds etc come later as part of implementing your key "mandates" and "stewardship".  We build the map - even study the future - before we build the bridge.

This bears repeating.  We clarify and confirm core principles for your life, family, personal values and purposes ...before we put any kind of financial product in place.   If you're in a financial institution and they'd accept your deposits before a written plan has been put in place, RUN.

Designations;  Referral from Friends;  Avoid Fraud.

A multitude of designations lead to the criticism of alphabet soup in financial services.  You can see I carry many designations ...which alone is no guarantee of common sense or ethical service.  It's unlikely one can offer prime service unless their training and experience are evidenced with professional designations.  And in a world of fraud and selfishness (just google Bernie Madoff, Earl Jones, or any week's news) we also know referral from friends is no guarantee of avoiding unwanted advisors.

A safe way to consider a financial planner or advisor is to meet them in person and feel if their personality is a good fit - if they can truly hear your goals, motivations, and understand the future you want to achieve.  Weigh their designations, their reputation, the trust and good word of friends or endorsements.  Test their name on the internet to examine what they've done and how they are contributing to their clients and the wider community.  In all this you gain the personal feeling and public evidence that this is a person you want serving and stewarding your life and financial wellbeing.

Friend, Financial Coach and Counsel for Life

"Friend" is optional yet close trust and friendship can develop.  What you certainly need is the trusted guide and professional counsel to support your wealth in all of life's seasons. See further on the planner's role within your Stewardship team.

Confidence picResults of Certified Financial Planning

It is often said and always agreed, people who plan get results that are the envy of people who fail to plan.  The role of a professional planner is credited for more than doubling the financial resources people bring into their retirement or estate.  Professional planning secures wealth and life income where the unplanned too soon run out of money in their 70s or early 80s.  What are the results you need and want?  What is most vital to you in choosing your Financial Planner?  Who and where will you look to find this steward for your life's dreams and lifelong wealth?

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Brian Weatherdon, MA CFP CLU CPCA MDRT




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