TOMORROW WILL BE TODAY someday – are you prepared?

Retirement seems elusive and this frightens many people today.  It’s nothing like the dreams popularized in TV ads.  Worrying carves lines into their faces from years of work, financial stress, endless expenses and uncertainty for the future.  A fellow describes his retirement plan as eating a piece of dog food each day so it won’t be such a shock when he retires.  Or the words you’ve seen pictured in social media, “Based on my calculations, I can retire about 5 years after I die.”  … Why has it come to this?  What could be done to prevent it?  How can we exchange these fears for a retirement you can truly enjoy?

Retire 5 yrs after I DIERetirement fears now qualify people for a “club” with a mantra that echoes, “I can retire about 5 years after I die.”  Seeing this in many forms on the internet, it’s clearly a popular club.   Leave the club!  Leave it today.  Let’s build the strategies to retire and enjoy the independent and vibrant lifestyle you choose!

Why a generation fears they will Never Retire

  • Hectic lives; scattered focus; no time, fear of never having time.
  • Fear of the costs:  cannot manage today’s cost let alone the future.
  • Exhausted today:  find respite in TV, vacations, addictions, diversions.
  • Believed a 649 or scratch card would get them there;  it didn’t come in.
  • Counted on inheritance:  parents still living, and health costs looming.
  • Sounds like death:  retirement means growing old;  prefer to ignore it.
  • Government (or children) will take care of us …ahah, not happening.
  • Confused and afraid:   hoping the future will take care of itself.
  • Failure to act in time:  procrastination kills future dreams.
  • Failed to put VALUE on their future!

What can we do to overcome these fears?

  • First consciously choose to leave the above-mentioned “club”.
  • Stir your emotional energy to design & create the future you want.
  • Identify advisor- & coaching support to equip you for your future.
  • Make it real:  see it;  describe it;  grasp the future you want.
  • Take personal responsibility:  we cannot do it without you.
  • Act now:   action is the fatal enemy of fear!

Two quick stories . . . (for richer, for poorer)

Jack and Jill sold a business after years of worrying they couldn’t afford to retire.  Two million could be gone all too quickly if they lived “the good life” they wanted.  Yet certified planning revealed a total approach to their assets and lifestyle.  Their lifestyle is in reach NOW.  Their financial wellbeing is clear to age 95 and beyond!  Gifts to family members will also be possible, while living and in a healthy Estate.

Marianne’s career at age 56 was downsized and she strongly wanted to retire immediately!  Could she?  With less than $200,000 of pension, no debt, her house, and modest other savings, she described the lifestyle to which she was accustomed and wanted to continue.  Friends worried that Marianne’s money would be gone by age 70 and survival would force her to become a WalMart greeter.  We reviewed all assets and sources of income, and proved Marianne can safely retire today (even with a 25% buffer) and continue well to age 95.  A caution is that if illness arose, her security could fail unless she insures potential costs for long term care.

How will you replace Fear with a Life you can Enjoy?

Again, leave the “gotta-die” club.  Do whatever it takes to get the true planning that will protect your future.  Too many books, websites, and financial firms are only focused on selling stuff …promising to make you some money with their products.  But explore the bigger picture of the LIFE you want and how we can design to SUSTAIN that life forever …and have a certified planner test this to age 95 or 105.

Perhaps your weekend paper carries a story where, each week, someone’s planning is laid out as an example of what others can do.  If so, make it a point to read and consider that story every week …and discuss in person with an advisor who can help you personally manage your own needs and plans.

This site here is built totally on sharing ideas to help you secure your future.  We guide how to reduce income-risk with Life Income Mandates.  We address changing needs through Life Horizons to fit early, middle and later retirement years.   We discuss strategies of accessing values from Pension, Business, even Home Equity.  This site is here to educate and equip you (public and advisors) …and as you share this site to help others.

Pic _ Help Is HereAn advisor with the required designations can issue a Certified Life and Financial Plan for your Retirement and Estate.  If you want to see a sample of this you may want to speak with me directly or seek such an advisor in your community.  Results?  See your future wellbeing and security.  Review and test the assumptions at least every 12 to 24 months.  Confirm how your wealth and income-plans will guard the Lifestyle you choose forever …until the estate is being distributed to the ones you love.

If the future you're seeking were taken away . . . 

If the future you want were taken away, that would be a sad life indeed – and senior years are surely the hardest time to repair it.  My focus and passion are to simplify, support and sustain the satisfaction and joy you want for your future and loved ones.  As you think of this please include a note in the “comment” section below with any question or insight you can share that can stimulate this discussion further.  …I thank you for doing so  🙂

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  1. Brian, you start with a bleak picture and touch on many of the uncertainties the 50+ generation feels today. Everything seems to be a moving target, and it is hard to feel comfortable that ‘enough’ is really ‘enough’ with constantly changing financial parameters and rules, and considerable noise on the right financial strategy, approach, or portfolio of products. Your words are a reminder that the right expertise and advice can substantially reduce the noise by bringing clarity, trusted knowledge, and important outside perspective to begin restoring some of the confidence.

  2. Brian,

    Good advice as always but I think there is a group of people who are not being addressed – those who approaching retirement age and really don’t have enough money. For these the lotto ticket seems like the only available solution. Really says they will have to have supplemental income for as long as they are able. This means continuing to work at least part time and of course realistic planning and knowledge about available resources. Unfortunately, many do not know how to go about either topic.

    It would be a tremendous service if we could get a discussion going on the options/resources available.

    I will start the conversation by saying that part time work doesn’t have to be a negative. The key is to look for something you are passionate about. Also, there is compelling evidence that indicates staying engage in this way helps stave off cognitive decline. It is wise to find your passion or reinvention before you transition from a full time job. People who leave the workforce completely have a very difficult time re-entering.

    Give the size of our aging population it makes sense to consider radical new models. I for one, would relish a lively debate or sharing or off-the-wall ideas.

    • Thank you John, and your own site is also an excellent resource to help people along such journeys. Excellent points from you here; thank you for sharing 😀

  3. I like your website and the theme here is super. I will be back.

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