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What you find in this site will help you attract, build and enjoy Wealth for the Lifestyle you choose!  Despite the money-problems people have these days, and the fears of what it can mean to lose life-savings, there are simple solutions to MAKE YOUR MONEY STICK TO YOU you never run out of it.

Stay with me here.  Learn how to create “sticky money”.  (It's surely a lot better than Sticky Debt!) We’ll tour some of the secrets and ideas so you can better guard your wealth and enjoy financial Success For Life. LofWealth Book CoverIn my book, A Lifetime Of Wealth and in this website, you hear stories of how people distress themselves about money.  In the following snippets perhaps you'll recognize yourself -- or others of your family or friends . . . .

A FAMILY BUSINESS FAILS TO SELL or move successfully into the next generation because the owners have a number of fears and difficulties.   For instance, We know how to get income from the business alright, but selling the business means having to invest the money ...where we'll either earn a miserable 2% a year or risk losing 35% twice each decade.  We certainly can’t afford to let go of this business!”   For this reason and more, the business lingers on, trapping their lifestyle, threatening value for staff and community, jeopardizing the family legacy, until they learn how to successfully exit or transition their business.

Resources here and elsewhere include:  how to "Hire Your Buyer" (Amazon), or build a truly "Lucrative Exit" (link).    Also in this website see Exit Business, or enjoy  Video). Pic _ Sticky Money

PENSION DECISIONS LOOM URGENTLY for another couple.  Will they accept the basic pension, even a 40% reduction to survivor (and zero for their estate)?  Or will they privatize their pension money to build and align this with their desired lifestyle (early/mid/later years) throughout life’s seasons?  Even for their family estate?   (link to 5 F's of Pension;  and Personalized Pension: Life-Choices)

INHERITANCES & WINNINGS ARE ALSO KEY MOMENTS for your money.  Tragically these are moments when people can lose money faster than ever!  Loss, sadness and guilt can complicate money so seriously that people never regain the happiness or success they desire.  We address this here to ensure you can turn your wealth into Sticky Money for LIFE!


DEBT is perhaps the worst monster today for countries, corporations and families.  Personal debt – “sticky debt” if you like – is the highest ever!  Low interest rates may silence this anxiety for a while but many will then drown in the flood of persistent debts and rising interest rates.  You’ve got to get control now!  In my book, “Protecting Life, Loved Ones, and Future Dreams”, I offer a chapter to get your creative juices moving to slay this monster and use debt wisely.

And there can be FEARS OF OUTLIVING your LIFE-INCOME.   Imagine when Jan told me, “We have 33 months to live!”  His words nearly strangled me!  I asked Jan and his wife – in their early 70s – and they told how living expenses would destroy their nest egg in under 3 years.  Their words were suffocating.  The year was 1995.  In the years since, I’ve built and identified models we can share to sustain financial confidence and comfortable Wealth for LIFE.


LIFE HORIZONS ANALYSIS ... the lifestyle you choose.

Here is my answer (LHA) to how financial advisors (and computers) have wrongly modeled the future.  This is a key piece of my material because I insist the future isn’t just one season tracing a flat-line from 65 to 85 at which point we die! Retirement living is vivid and fluid – three or four horizons into the future – because you’ve got more years than ever, vast dreams to excite, experiences to enjoy, deeper dimensions of life, and not a few changes to maneuver as years unfold.  Wealth is vital to your peace of mind.  Without it you’re gasping for oxygen to get the Life you choose.  Sticky Money is meant to support all your future Life Horizons!

Golden_EggLIFE INCOME MANDATES ...inevitable & endless wealth.

These are vital to assure or guarantee Life Income (see LIM or a video).  Tears streamed down the cheeks of a hard-working couple, born in Europe just before WW2, when I said to them, “we’re now guaranteeing that it's legally impossible for you to ever run out of money!”  Only twice I’ve seen tears in their eyes;  once at the death of a child, and this time when we assured the guarantees for life-income and family estate. If you and I are talking together I’ll share with you the story of Jim and May, about 1920, nine years before the Great Depression.  What Jim said to his wife at that point highlighted the powerful influence of such Life Income Mandates – although the phrase was unknown to them.  Testing the mandates to 1920 – or even 1820 – results speak for themselves, powerfully perpetuating Wealth and Income so people can live (and give) to their hearts’ content.

Dividend Income.

Dividend income (link soon) is a natural that many may recognize as a key to wealth.  We can invest to benefit from local and global corporations gaining enormous earnings, paying vast and growing dividends to their investors.  When stock markets fall, rising dividends are a valuable cushion.

Real Estate Income.

Real Estate Income (link) should be devised so you invest across many sectors and geographies, reducing investment risks while stabilizing your income returns.  As you visit the link, it’s clear that real estate values can fall, yet income rises and market values recover strongly if you’re properly invested.   This is an obvious and vital key to securing sticky money for life!

Infrastructure Income.

Infrastructure Income (link) is manifestly obvious from ancient to modern times and yet many – even advisors today – can miss this entirely.  Consider if you think about it, what’s safer than owning the high income streams being paid on toll bridges and highways, other forms of traffic, deep-water commercial ports, communication systems, and service grids that connect our communities and modern economy today?  If you could have all this -- and if you could enjoy this in one single strongly-proven fund, this becomes a vigorous pipeline to provide Sticky Money for LIFE!

Fixed Income.

Fixed Income (link) without caution is today a scorpion waiting to poison and disable your wealth. As interest rates fell from 1982 onwards, bonds paid interest + a hefty capital-gains bonus.  But rising rates can devastate bond returns.  Fixed Income now must balance five major themes (in addition to duration, quality, currency) to avoid capital losses stealing your income.  Remember we want to ensure money sticks to you like glue ...and sometimes fixed income may fail to do that!

Life Annuity Income.

Life Annuity Income (link) can lock-in high income -- possibly proving to be the ultimate in sticky money from our 70s even to age 150 or as long as we live.  ...and beyond that!  We even can ladder these high-income annuities by distinct strategies you'd use through your 70s, possibly 80s.   If someone were poor, it would guarantee you'd never run out of money.  If you’re rich, it means the tax-authorities might think you're poor (LOL) as a prescribed annuity structure can provide profound tax-savings …one of the most tax-effective forms of income you can own.  And for charity and family estate, link this to an age-90 guarantee or a life insurance plan to reimburse all/part of the original capital, and you'll still enjoy high and guaranteed life-income.

Pic _ Light your MoneySTICKY MONEY.

You work hard for your money;  it should work as hard for you.  Don’t take unnecessary risks.  Don’t leave potholes that can suddenly steal your wealth.  YOU need your money for precious Life Dreams and for the Loved ones you hold dear!   Fail at this and your children will be tapping their retirement funds for your healthcare.  Fail and you’ll curtail the lifestyle you wanted, living with “I should’ve” …”I could’ve” … “If only I had…”.

So what I share in my books and this website (100% proceeds to child/family charities) will help establish your financial confidence, stabilize your future, insulate you from global shocks, vaccinate you from unsuccessful behaviour, and fully ALIGN YOUR WEALTH WITH THE LIFE YOU CHOOSE!  … Let’s make sure we connect – in person, phone or email.   Please also help us to help others.  It costs you nothing to share.  It costs your friend nothing to visit.  With your help we can shine this Light until family and community, career and retirement, life and health become the Future that is Bigger and Better than you ever dreamed possible! Yours in Financial Security for LIFE!

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  1. Bullshit

  2. There is no such thing! Anytime you go near the stock market you risk losing everything. The only people make any real money on the stock market are the brokers who charge fees on your money! A con game!

    • B.Scott of course you’re right that stock markets fluctuate, and the risk of stock markets can be highly inappropriate to many investors. In fact anything that could take 30% to 60% of your money, once or twice each decade, should be treated with great caution …and this is precisely the reason why I’ve distilled & share low-risk income & growth through LIFE INCOME MANDATES ….building portfolio of total-assets that your great-grandparents would have understood and respected, and your grandchildren will equally value.

      Especially because you’ve seen the Raw Risks and Losses of Stock Markets, this is why you now could explore how Life Income Mandates work. … I’ve built the concept globally so different people may assemble or design the process to their own needs or platforms, yet the principles are proven effective. Indeed powerfully effective: over the past 5, 10, 15 years, and equally over the past 50, 100, 200 years.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. If I can be of help in an advisory capacity, or in discussing with your own investment counsel, I welcome you to let me know.

  3. On DIVIDEND INCOME John Heinzl asked who predicted a stock market jump (or loss) last week and the point is that no one can do that. There’s < 1% chance of usefully predicting when stock markets will rise or fall by 10%, and quite often one finds perfectly good investments losing value for a period of months. But look at the DIVIDENDS which may even keep RISING regardless of anything happening in stock markets. If our dividends tend to rise year-over-year we generally find this accelerates our investment values too. It's worth taking some time to discuss how this works, and how we can combine Real Estate, Infrastructure, Dividends, to assure RISING INCOME over the years ahead.

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