RETIRE: Re-wire or Renovate, Your Life

You are an individual, not a statistic.  You're a name, not a number.  You are your own person in this Retirement Wave moving from your career or vocation today to the Life you see for your future.  …and even so this could become a retirement-career. 

While a thousand Canadians (and 10,000 Americans) turn 65 each and every day what you're really thinking about is YOU.   It's personal!   How you can move ahead in a continually rewarding life that expresses your sense of "calling", "contribution" and "significance".

Retirement isn't about fading away -- it's like lifting your light to a greater height.  For self, family and community, your life's purpose and meaning can reach new levels of enjoyment, impact, and enriching gratitude.

Renovating Life

Is this a total renovation?   Consider how many of our parents retired at 60 or 65 seeking a life of total rest and leisure.  That would be a total re-do, destroying old patterns for a complete re-build of daily routines and life experiences.  Ponder how this may have worked for your parents or people you've known -- and if you'd be in line to totally re-build your life as you enter or move ahead in retirement.

Re-Wire your Life

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Would you prefer to Re-Wire on your existing blueprints.  An example was my grandfather who retired three times, first from the RCMP, then from retail security, and finally at age 80 from the Commissionaires.   Think of other people we know who have left business, teaching, executive life, to create new "retirement careers" in consulting, publishing, speaking, mentoring ...and the list can be endless.

Re-Wiring means you can amend or expand the “meaning” and "gift" of your life's experience in new ways.   You can re-write your responsibilities, enjoy greater vitality and freedom to engage the world as you choose, through the seasons and years to come.

Expanding Your LIFE

Now if a question comes up over holidays cocktails this season, how might you respond?   As we frequently associate with others like ourselves it's natural that some of these questions could come up at times ....and with whom (spouse, friend, coach) would you want to discuss these ideas further?

  • What gives you joy and purpose today that you'd continue as you retire?
  • What are 2 or 3 things you could eliminate so you can soar in retirement?
  • How about social life:  how do you see this changing as you retire?
  • Which activities today most support your sense of purpose & value?

Eliminating today's gaps or worries:

  • Can you see retirement as expanding ..or does it reduce & diminish life?
  • How do you see activities & relationships with spouse, children, friends?
  • Financial concerns:  how will you close any gaps or income-worries?

Laser focus on your bulls-eye:

  • Where can you focus energy now to reach or quicken your goals/dreams:
    • .. Relationships in home & community?
    • .. Personal Health, mental/physical wellbeing?
    • .. Ensuring Wealth and Income for LIFE?
    • .. Home and Travel:  where, how, when?
    • .. Re-engaging in some “Retirement-Career”?
    • .. "One more thing" ...what more could you enjoy?

Do these questions help tease new perspectives for your future?  Can these open new windows on life, on retirement, on goals and dreams you most want to enjoy going forward?  Certainly they do; I know they do.  So share these at home and among friends, and freely add a comment here below or call so we can speak together.

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  1. Super article Brian, you always provide excellent content and solid suggestions to implement immediately. Well Done.

  2. Well said, Brian. I makes me think that the term “retire” is a default term, a thought that is holding people from a richer life. Wish I could come up with an appropriate alternative term. I don’t think re-wire or re-invent quite convey the potential of well-being and healthy aging. Hope someone can offer an alternative.

  3. You’re absolutely right John, many have searched (and failed) to find a better word than “retire” which for us really is a concept of the past generation or two. My grandfather’s “retirement career” (lifestyle choice, and lived to 84) compares with my father’s retirement to greater leisure at 61 (and health took him at 71). Such family patterns illustrate the “choice” to fulfil your dreams and potential, regardless of age 🙂

  4. Hi Brian, I love the way you approach financial planning. This is a great way to think about such an important life transition. It’s so much more than just the financial part.

  5. Brian,

    Thx for this link… having been a husband and father since I was 17…and worked for 52 years at whatever would feed us… then being taken out of the work force at 69 with Cancer… I am not so sure there is another career waiting for me… so I will just go with Retire for now and forget the Rewire… although you never know. Cash flow is limited and finding a job as I approach 71 may be a challenge but I am pretty sure I will be winning Lotto 649 soon and we are preparing for the windfall with tentative plans to become philanthropists… he said tongue in cheek. I of course knew your Dad and was shocked to see him leave us so early in his life… one never knows so we live for today… always.


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