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  1. FM
    February 23, 2015

    The is a well written and compelling argument to adding global real estate as part of anyone’s portfolio of investments.
    I very much agree that we need to look for low risk but reasonable return opportunities and real estate looks like it is one of these.


  2. Brian Weatherdon
    February 23, 2015

    Dear FM, yes thank you for sharing your comment. Depending on the approach (and one’s experience) real estate may or may not seem “low risk”. Within the larger setting of investment mandates, real estate can definitely reduce risks in two ways. (1) Reduce volatility or losses. (2) Reduce possibility of outliving money invested at today’s deposit rates. To sustain reasonable returns over time and protect Income-for-Life, global real estate as we’ve discussed above can be a vital piece to help protect one’s overall plan and financial wellbeing.


  3. Excerpt from Wealth Professional January 2016
    February 2, 2016

    “Until now, most Canadians did not have (easy) access to commercial real estate – these investments were typically reserved for institutional and well-connected high-net-worth individuals. The capital requirements alone made it impossible for most individual investors to own this asset class. From a return perspective, commercial real estate does not generally move in line with residential real estate, and the risk/return profile can be more attractive if you partner (effectively). Many investors are looking to grow and/or develop their real estate exposure, and adding commercial real estate … is a promising strategy.”


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