What makes You Richer?

Career?  Business?  Savings and net wealth?  Yet being richer is more than all these.  Add in the freedom to make your own decisions.  Add health and the ability to fulfil personal dreams and goals.  Yet still there is more if you’d be truly “rich”!   Consider also family and relationships who contribute to your life’s goodness and joy.  Yes all these combined are precious layers of wealth and goodness:  deepen these and you will be richer still!  And what else can help you become or feel richer?


Are you wanting more calm, peace, gratitude in your life?  Do you seek stronger relationships and sense of meaning, a purpose worth more than fine gold?  Would you like to end the “rat-race”?  Or first are there specific aspirations and dreams to achieve?   What would you do to increase your success in these areas?  How would you strengthen the relationships that mean most to you?  What can you invest of time, money, energy, today and each day to accelerate your happiness in each of the above areas and feel your life is continually growing in wealth and purpose?   (See more on Life Values and let’s discuss.)


Pic _ dollar signDo you attract money?  Does it grow on you? ..or does it slip through your fingers?  Has your wealth been growing year over year?  Is debt barbed with poison - or have you leveraged debt to accelerate your growth?  Have your investments gained 6% to 10% on average annually?  Are you confident your investments can survive (conceivably even rise) when stock markets drop off a cliff?  Do you own a portfolio that will increase its YIELD – what it pays YOU – year after year?  (See more, Life Income Mandates and let’s discuss.)


Do you have any questions of how today’s resources will support the income you will continue to need in future?  Assessing your wealth right now, consider your home, savings, pensions, business, insurances and other assets:  are each of these contributing to a sustained income that can keep you safe in the lifestyle you choose from now to age 90 or 105? (If you’re frightened for yourself or for anyone in your family as to how to create and sustain an Income you will never outlive …go immediately to the above link on Life Income Mandates, or open this powerful and perennial key to life-income, here called Infrastructure Income.)


You want to make a lasting impact to help others?  Are you thinking mostly of your own family or also the wider community?  Do you have a specific organization or theme you want to enlarge through your giving?  Could you be interested if family gifting and community charity could combine to enhance your control and reduce your tax burdens (even in your Estate)?  What if you could leverage charitable giving through life insurance; imagine investing 3 cents to make $1 impact!   Would you do this?  Would that make you feel richer?   (See more on Estate Insurance and we can discuss.)

Get Richer, Get Stronger, Make your Mark.

Golden_EggLife is precious.  YOU indeed are precious.  Our society staggers through debts and meltdowns, job loss and economic change, sickness and aging.  How will all these impact you?  What are you doing to survive these and indeed thrive and move forward?  Were you wondering, even now, why you're still falling short?  Is a gap in your plans - in your results - causing causing you pain or uncertainty?  Let's be sure we get to talk together, and find what is needed to absolutely reward you with the richer, happier life you have been wanting.

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