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Overcome fears of financial failure, fraud, and running out of money before you run out of Life.  In "A Lifetime Of Wealth" we focus on sudden-wealth events in life whether from business, pension, inheritance or winnings.   Consider if you will...  How vital is it to avoid losing this value?  What difference will it make if you can keep value for your life and loved ones?  If this is the movie starring YOU, how will the story line go if you protect this wealth ...or if you lose it all?   And with this in mind dig into this brief summary and be sure to subscribe (see this page) so we can keep you up to date with new resources that will help guard your Wealth and Life.

A Lifetime Of Wealth

A Lifetime of Wealth is the stuff of dreams, yet too few ever attain it.   And those who do get wealth too easily lose it.   The impact of wealth, or of losing it, is so vital I published this book by this name.  I wanted to share as widely as possible, and even with other advisors around the world, what I've learned and observed about wealth and safely aligning it to the lives we want, the communities we love, and the families we cherish.

How Not to Lose It

Not losing this wealth is critical to enjoying the lifestyle you want.  It's truly key to securing your goals for the future and for your loved ones.  Where can you travel? .. How can you live? .. Who will be there with you? .. What dreams can you achieve? .. But first you must never lose this wealth!

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Consider for a moment where wealth comes from.  In the book "A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It" we recognize that besides long term savings, wealth generally arises from four events in life.  It could be related to a family business, and needing to optimize sale or succession of that business.  It could appear with career pension values where we align your choices with lifestyle and family estate.  Inheritance is another wealth event with particular emotions you may feel at that time.   And though rare, lottery winnings also bring a peculiar set of risks.

Regardless how you have created or gained wealth, the last thing you'd ever want to do is let this money slip away through your fingers!

Wealth in your Family Business

With a family business you already know how to create results, contribute to your community, and ultimately draw income and build your own future.  But do you know how to sell that business?  ...how to optimize its value as you prepare to retire from the business?  ...who among your professional advisors will be most vital to this sale?  ...and the impact this can make on your future?

In selling a business do you know how you will draw income to sustain your retirement dreams and personal "bucket-list"?   See "Wealth Trajectory".  Have you a written financial plan including what you want for your family estate?  "A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It" goes quickly into the depth you need to answer these questions and sustain wealth and lifestyle forever ...even to your family and philanthropy.

Wealth in your Career Pension

Career Pension values offer choices that will vitally impact your life.  You'll need a written financial plan that documents these choices and how they align with the results you want to attain.  Fairly put, you need to clearly evaluate the advantages (and risks) of the traditional fixed-income pension versus a personalized pension & lifestyle plan.

In a time when interest rates are very low, population is aging, health costs are escalating, fraud is endemic, and you want to secure life on your own terms ... "A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It" helps frame your decisions personally and safely to fit the life you want to enjoy through the years ahead.

Wealth from an Inheritance

Inheriting can be wonderful.  It can also be sad and dangerous.  It's a fearful thing to inherit wealth and later find out you weren't ready or able to use and keep it effectively.  How I protect people from such tragedy is to connect them with the "values" where this wealth originally arose, and shape their personal values to sustain and grow this wealth.

We have different families and backgrounds, for better or worse.  Yet the experience of identifying and even creating values will often separate those who lose their inheritance, from those who use it effectively to build and enjoy stronger futures for themselves and their loved ones.

Lottery and other Winnings

Winning wealth ushers in the near-guarantee of soon losing it.  When a sum of money arrives for no clear reason it may depart almost as quickly.  0% chance of winning can lead to 100% chance of losing it all within a year (three years at most).

The experience I share is how to courageously create values around this wealth.  This honours who you are, your underlying values in life, and the dreams you would most want to achieve for yourself, loved ones, and wider community.  This also protects you from guilt that strangely seems to accompany won money -- and the fear that you'll never have so good a day as the time you won.

In essence, this "values orientation" protects the soul because it's a process to develop your own reality around life, wealth, and how you can continue to win forever by guarding what you truly cherish most.

Ten Massive Mistakes you want to AVOID

If you can avoid the ten greatest mistakes that stole other peoples' wealth, you'll always have your own wealth on a stronger platform.  It's that clear!  Severe investment losses should not occur.  "Life Income Mandates" aligned to your own personal "Life Horizons", plus conscientious estate planning, will guard wealth for life and loved ones.  Your professional advisory team will serve and steward your wealth.  You will have fruitful family discussions - perhaps better than you thought possible.  Inflation and future health costs won't threaten you with old-age poverty.  And this means the wealth you own can serve you, protect loved ones, and continue your prosperous purposes forever.

A Lifetime of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It

This is an absolute passion of mine because it touches people I've known and loved, and the tragic events that arose when wealth was lost.  In this website and my book you'll find stories that helped shape the person I've become, the service I offer, and why I'm so energetic to share this as widely as possible.   The result:  we can celebrate the Lifestyle you want to enjoy, secure the family you hold dear, and award your contribution to community and the future you deserve.

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Brian Weatherdon, MA CFP CLU CPCA MDRT




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