LIFE INCOME MANDATES – securing Income for Life

Is your money guaranteed for life?  What if you spend too much, save too little, live too long, suffer loss in health or business, or other family events arise?  Such can happen to anyone, and at the most inconvenient times.  Losses can also become permanent!  That's why we need "MANDATES" ... a specified approach to help secure your wealth, your life, your dreams and desired lifestyle.



Is your current plan building net wealth year-over-year?  Is it protecting against hidden time bombs of inflation, illness, investment losses, fraud, career malfunctions, and rising taxes?   

Here we briefly introduction Five Life Income Mandates that powerfully secure people from the  time bombs that erase wealth.  Sub-links let you click for further insight or simply reach me to discuss how we personally design this for you.


Meet people like Beth and Bill in "A Lifetime Of Wealth".

Beth sold her business but found a problem.  She knew all about getting income from a business, but how would she sustain her income after selling?  Especially for later years when personal needs (and costs) could rise dramatically.   Life Income Mandates can help secure Beth's income for LIFE.

Bill’s concern was to personalize his pension.  He decided to exit (commute) the traditional pension for a more generous lifestyle and flexible income.  (See more here.)  This move nicely escaped risks of chronic pension under-funding, plus it offered more for family in the event of his death.  But how to manage investment risks?  That's where Life Income Mandates come in.

Are you at all like Beth or Bill?   Do you ever stress over money?  Do you want a plan that can assure wealth and income for your future and later years?  Then let's design your Certified Life & Financial Plan to fully describe your personal needs, hopes, and goals, and the financial process to protect your future.  (Also see Life Horizons.)


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Here are all five mandates even though you might use just three or four of these.  Younger people can avoid annuities.  We also include high-growth equities alongside the income-mandates.  Point is, just as we have five fingers on a hand, we've found five clear mandates over time will offer the strongest foundation for enduring life-income.

This is not a new fad.  It has been effective for 50, 100, even 200+ years.  It is simple, commonsense, and it works.

1. Canadian/Global Dividend Income

Dividends were long called “widows and orphans” investments because they are safer than other stocks.  They're safe for the rest of us too.  Paid from corporate earnings, dividends often rise and help keep pace with inflation.  We focus this Canadian & Global Dividend mandate to include corporations of all types and sizes world-wide.

2. Global Real Estate Income

Commercial Office, Industrial, Retail, and Residential

You could buy an extra property and rent it out - residential or commercial.  This is a fairly popular idea.  To avoid issues with tenants and other management hassles, we can use investment funds or pools to make this much easier.  We generally diversify by region and globally, including commercial office, retail, industrial, and residential development.  This reduces investment risks while gaining an income that rises well over the years ahead.  (See more at Global Real Estate.)

3. Global Infrastructure Income

Not just railroads, highways and toll bridges, Infrastructure Income also attracts income from airports, deep water port facilities, hospital fees, prison services in the U.S.,  water treatment in the U.K. and developing world, pipelines and electrical grids, telecommunications and renewable energy enterprises.   Some of these are government regulated (reliable income forever) while others get stronger with the wider economy.

Naturally many successful pension funds own such infrastructure mentioned here.  While a giant pension fund can take years to accumulate 15% to 20% focus on infrastructure, we can secure this for our clients in a single day.  (See more at Global Infrastructure Income.)

4. Fixed income:  Domestic & Global

This includes Canadian and global bonds (of governments and corporations), also mortgage securities, cash deposits, high yield, floating-rate, etc.   One of the greater challenges in the fixed-income world has been super-low interest rates.  And when rates rise, bonds lose value that may never be recovered in our lifetime!  Low interest rates, high taxes, capital losses, CPI and health inflation, can leave an unwary investor hurting.

Where can this fit for life-income?  The answer us -- we have to be very careful.   Shorter-duration bonds can function as an "income reservoir"  and help safeguard what you'll draw for income over the next few years.  Knowing how and when to increase yield can also enhance income over time.  Your certified financial plan should clearly show your investor profile and the role of such investments in your immediate and long-term picture.

5. Life Pay-out Annuities

Life annuities are a fifth mandate - sometimes included as fixed-income except they're quite unique.  Most people don't understand that annuities aren't based just on interest rates but also mortality credits that nothing else will provide.  Strangely a life annuity can even guarantee beyond life until a person would have been 90!  Only an advisor licensed for life insurance can discuss such strategies.

At younger ages annuity income seems modest, and inflation-indexing is expensive.  Laddering annuities can increase the income stream over time.  Owning annuities alongside other mandates (above) also provides for rising future needs.  Non-registered annuities bring unique tax advantages too.  (See more at Life Annuities)

Power of 5 Life Income Mandates

Pictured at right here is a sample of what happened in the 2008 global financial meltdown.  World markets fell four-times farther and took as much as six years to fully recover.  Life Income Mandates dropped a fraction compared to stock markets yet were able to recover four-times faster.


Life Income Mandates can protect wealth, and secure healthy income for life.  Combined with other investments, home equity, life and health insurances, and other pension values, these offer a strong and flexible INCOME to support LIFESTYLE through all the changing seasons of life.

Yours in Financial Security for LIFE!

Brian Weatherdon,  MA, CFP, CLU, CPCA. 
627 Guelph Line, Burlington, Ontario. L7R 3M7.   
Ret.Coach SEALCertified Financial Planner.  Certified Retirement Coach. 
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    “I was watching a news presentation the other night and they were talking about a couple with medical problems. The woman was 92 and bedridden and her husband at 88 was looking after her. The interesting part was that she had been a vice president of a large company during her career and he had done well in business as well. However, they indicated that they did not have the means of additional help on weekends and the husband was worn down. How is it that people who have done exceedingly well in life can be in this position?

    “So what does it mean for people like (us) in our middle-income bracket with only government medical assisstance as well as the younger generation that are having a very hard time of it? I begin to wonder what is happening when the majority of people work hard all of their lifes and end up in these types of situations. Recent news indicates that 86 people in Canada own or control 92% of the wealth. Maybe I am wrong but I think we are heading back to the have and have-not centuries when a few controlled everything? What do you think?”

  5. Dear “Red”,
    Your reflections are indeed very important. I wish more people would take notice of these things. Yes 86 households control or own nearly 90% of Canadian wealth — and the situation is increasingly similar in the US, UK, and other developed nations. Sad, and some will say an “evil” situation. Yet we must deal with reality as it is.

    So my focus on Life Income Mandates and the whole discussion on Guaranteed Income for Life, aim to preserve personal wellbeing & household income for today & future needs. Live life today. Preserve resources also that sustain income through future “horizons”. In a total-planning perspective, this is my vital and passionate goal.

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  8. In his article, “Worried? Think like a Pension Fund” Guy Dixon offers this:
    “Investors should concern themselves less with market turbulence and instead focus on an asset mix that will fulfill their future income needs.” This indeed is our prime focus with “Life Income Mandates” … Dixon’s full article is at:

  9. Speaking of DIVIDEND INCOME John Heinzl asked who predicted a stock market jump (or loss) last week and the point is that no one can do that. There’s < 1% chance of usefully predicting when stock markets will rise or fall by 10%, and quite often one finds perfectly good investments losing value for a period of months. But look at the DIVIDENDS which may even keep RISING regardless of anything happening in stock markets. If our dividends tend to rise year-over-year we generally find this accelerates our investment values too. It's worth taking some time to discuss how this works, and how we can combine global Real Estate, Infrastructure, Dividends, and Fixed-Income, to assure RISING INCOME over the years ahead.

  10. Lynn Biscott, author and financial planner, in her retiring words as a contributor to FORUM magazine (March 2016) offers further insight on what is a responsible withdrawal rate for retirement income. “While researchers have differed on the rate to be used, many seem to have settled on the formula of four per cent of the initial value of the portfolio, with future withdrawals adjusted for inflation.” But Lynn identifies a flaw, that “while the formula may ensure that clients don’t outlive their money, a significant number of them will die with far more in their portfolio than they started with.” My take on this is that we can consider a withdrawal nearer 6% if life-income mandates will secure that rate along with indexing for inflation. Ultimately the question we each want to answer is: “is this money for spending, or for bequest” …and our planning moves forward from the results of that question.

  11. “Why aren’t Retirees Spending Their Savings?” in Fact is, “LIFE INCOME MANDATES” offer the permission to spend on an early-retirement lifestyle while still perpetuating strong assets for later retirement. See more about planning for “Life Horizons” in this website.

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