LIFE HORIZONS — and getting Income for Life

Life is never a single stage or a single journey.  Where you are today is not where you'll end up because life changes, opportunities arise, new doorways open.   Perhaps you're looking to your next adventure vacation, mid-term to your next home, or farther out to expand your life, leisure, and retirement goals.  For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness or health, this is YOU ...and the life you are able to design and enjoy on your own terms.


Long ago, a wonderful woman we'll name Trudy spoke to me with some regret in her voice:  “if we had known how long we were going to live, we would have been better prepared.”

You don't want to face a future with regrets ...nor the past either.  We are younger than Trudy was but her comment can speak to us today.  What Trudy really meant to say was that we need to better align Life and Wealth so we can live happily at every step.  This includes having money safely growing to provide the opportunities you seek.


Over 75% of people feel they are failing to reach their financial and life goals.  There are so many causes, and briefly let's touch on these because knowledge is strength.  Knowing what stopped others can give you the choice and the leverage to succeed.

  • Failure to save.  Saving $1/month tax-free with 6% growth becomes $166 in ten years, $1,015 in thirty years.  Add some zeros on that and you'll have a few million.
  • Habitual spending.  A 60-year-old engineer told me they had always lived the rich life ...but now were losing their home with nothing saved for retirement.
  • Critical Illness.  We hear every day of people - any age - with cancer, heart disease, etc. So when costs rise and income gets threatened (or you're emptying the piggy bank and savings accounts) where does this put your future?
  • Sandwich Generation.  I know people pinched in a vice-grip of supporting aging parents while carrying adult children who are getting a fresh start.
  • Debt dragon.  Debt offers many benefits but if you're dragging a mortgage or consumer debt into your late-career or retirement years, let's look at this.
  • Lost money.  Investment advertising and scams have defrauded and misinformed.  Google your city's name plus the word "fraud" and you'll get what I mean.  Then too there are honest failures in business or investing when people weren't  prepared to avoid or overcome risks.

LIFE HORIZONS -- write your own story.

Over thirty years and two careers I’ve been serving young and old.  I assure you it's pointless to see your life today or even in retirement as closed, ..."a treadmill and then we die."

NO if that's what you were feeling let's broaden this vision, add colour and energy, bring life to it, even direct this like a big screen movie:  YOUR LIFE.   We can expand this for you at any age but today let's look at this especially for "retirement".   Don't accept some computer print-out showing your life as a straight line.  Check the graph here:  would you want the flat-line or the Life Horizons Line?


Not yet retired?  Then you have time to design a wonderful future.  Are you building your financial security and net-wealth year over year?  Are you practicing the types of activities you want to enjoy more of when you retire?  Will you scale down your work to a semi-retirement ...and if so, is this because you have to or you want to?  What do the next ten years look like for you?

What about your Early Retirement years?   Are you likely to spend like your money's on fire, or stay home worrying the money won't last?   Let's talk about this because if you're like most people, you want to be free and live large in early retirement, yet we also need to confirm you'll be happy in your 80s and 90s too.

Middle retirement is loosely described as when you have less energy and desire to travel so far or spend so much.  It might arrive in our 70s ...or maybe our 80s?  This may be when people travel less, reduce costs, live closer to home, and recall pictures and stories of earlier times.   Such lifestyle can also offset higher spending that may come later.

Later retirement or the silver years should not be mistaken as low-cost.  Ultimately as we live long enough, costs rise for various kinds of assistance, comfort, and personal support.  This is true in our own home or in another residence.  Family cannot do everything without risking burn-out.  Children caregivers - perhaps in their 60s/70s, also need their own freedom for leisure and travel.


We can help you write the story or movie of your life and future.  This is a totally fun experience (ask me about "visioning") and helps align your wealth and desired lifestyle.  As we fit investment planning to the life seasons you want to enjoy, you need never run short.  As we said above, in sickness and health, we provide for all that life brings.  You are the captain and we'll be your guide through regular reviews to ensure INCOME for LIFE.

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Reach me -- let's discuss what this can mean to you.   As a heads-up we can also touch what I call the FOURTH HORIZON I leave you with that intriguing thought.  You'll also enjoy learning about “life income mandates” which sounds fancy but really provides a way to keep your money working and growing for you.

Also before you go, can you share this page with someone?  Many are afraid their money will disappear, pensions will fail, that travel and fun will be out of reach.  Give us a chance to brighten the future for these people, will you?

Yours in Financial Security for LIFE!

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  1. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and amusing, and
    let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy I came across this during my search for something relating to this.

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  5. A great description of the Early Retirement Horizon is shared by Lynn Biscott, an author and financial planner, whose retiring article in FORUM magazine (March 2016) offers the following: “My husband and I, like many retired or semi-retired couples, enjoy travel and hope to be able to do so for many years to come. However, we know of several couples whose travel plans have been curtailed by a sudden diagnosis of cancer or a debilitating illness. Without exception, these folks have encouraged us to do our travelling now; to not wait even a few years to do the trips you really want to do, because you may not get the chance (later). The end result? Several expensive trips each year right now, rather than spreading them out over even five years. If we can continue to travel later on, that’s great, but if not, we’ll have lots of great trips to look back on with no regrets.”

  6. “Why aren’t Retirees Spending Their Savings?” …a thoughtful article on people too afraid to spend, and leaving a greater surplus at death than they had intended. If it’s about LIFE, and spending more in the earlier and later periods of retirement, have a look here:

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