What matters more for your investing?  Costs? Risks? Results?  All three of course, but the media are whining endlessly about just one of these, as if costs were the predominant factor in building wealth. 

What matters to you and to me, surely, are the NET RESULTS of our investing, the value of ADVICE, and managing RISKS.  Media are silent on these critical pieces.  

The elephant in the room, the killer on the loose, isn’t the cost (because you can choose that) but it’s failing to define the risks and align wealth to reach your personal goals and secure life-long safety.  

You want Results!  So choose a plan.  It's easy.  Just look at the costs, dividends, risks and so on, and then find the bottom line here.   Which plan looks better to you? And if you find this result interesting (or even troubling) would you give me a call, pop me an email, reach me any way you like... let's talk together.

  • Plan 1 = lower dividends, higher risk, with an unwieldy 8,500 holdings.
  • Plan 2 = more dividends, lower risk, in a tightly strategic 400 holdings.

Give me a call or pop me an email.  Reach me for your no-obligation consult on securing wealth and the future you chose!

Brian Weatherdon, MA, CFP, CLU, CPCA

905-637-3500 x 223.

Certified Financial Planning, Certified Retirement Coaching.

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