What if the Future were Taken Away?

It’s an open question.  Thinking of this together may be more valuable than anything we could write about it.  Realizing how the future could slip away, or Lifestyle and Comforts can disappear, we can also today find how to protect our future and the life we want.

Jot on a piece of paper – play along for a moment if you will.

  1. Write your age today:  if you’re a couple, write both your ages.
  2. Who is with you:  who depends on you?  Who do you depend on?
  3. Draw two circles showing your wealth and your debt:  which circle is bigger?  Is this picture okay or do the circles trouble you in any way?
  4. What do you most want in the next 3-to-5 years, and 7-10 years?  Write anything that comes to mind.  Include all that supports your health, happiness, and satisfaction.
  5. Does your future impact others -- parents or children?  What impact will your goals and success have on their lives?
  6. Add one more thing  -- dream freely and write some experiences you’d like, which would boost your satisfaction and enjoyment.
  7. Now truly, what's the impact for you if you succeed?  What's the risk if all this were lost?

Real yet Irrational Fears

Sharon Gilmour-Glover recently wrote about the irrational fears that steal peoples’ futures.  She mentioned Peggy whose health was steadily declining with the fear her money would not last.  Sharon calls this an Irrational Fear because Peggy has ample resources for a happy life to 110.  But Peggy didn’t know this!  No one was showing her.  So depression and chronic worry set in.  Health began to suffer.  Irrational or unmerited fears were stealing Peggy’s life and future!  If this was your family or friend you’d want to connect Peggy with the proof that she can live happily, as actively as she chooses now and always.

Retire “5 years After I Die”  !!

Pic _ Giraffe in PotholeIn Tomorrow Will Be Todaywe meet people who are stressing over whether they can retire.  Fear &/or indecision are stealing their future.  Debts and high costs retarded savings.  Time passed too quickly; energy waned too soon.  Business decisions seemed too difficult. Career or health may have changed.  Inheritance or winnings didn't last.  If this is anything like you (or friends) then don’t sweep this under the carpet because TODAY is the time we can act to reclaim your strength and secure your future.

Potholes and Sinkholes on Life's Highway

No one planned to find an 8 inch pothole on the highway this morning (or that hefty repair bill)!  .. How much worse when the pothole represents devastating illness, months of costly therapies, depleted savings, even prolonged expense for ongoing care.  Hopefully we can regain our health – we often do – yet the financial hit may postpone or deny our retirement dreams, force you to scale down the lifestyle and comfort you wanted for retirement.

  • Could you lose 9 months’ earnings & face massive expenses due to illness?
  • What about retirement if you’re paying 5-10 years of long term care for parents?
  • Do you know your options to ensure personal or family illness wouldn't steal your future?

Experiencing the Comfort & Confidence of Financial Success

"Financial success” is like art or the design of your perfect home.  It’s a personal assessment of what means most to you in life …and being able to enjoy life on your own terms.  I know people whose lifestyle needs $4,000/month and others whose lifestyle requires $20,000/month (these generally don’t long for each other’s lifestyle).   Point is to get the life you want!   We can arrange the freedom and peace of mind to live as you choose, today and forever, on your own terms.

What we bring to your Financial Comfort and Confidence

Pic _ She Laughs w.out Fear f FutureI can introduce you to a family of 4-generations who are clients of mine.  Gen #1 in the 80s has a high-yield income and family-estate plan.  Gen #2 in the 60s is leaping into retirement, free to design their Life Horizons and enjoy their wealth and the Life they choose.  Gen #3 is younger, raising family, paying mortgages, learning how to reduce debt, build pensions, savings and insurances to protect themselves today and for the future.  Gen #4 represents youth with financial plans to secure university studies and career/business development.

One gap that often catches people unawares is the cost of illness or long term care.  This quickly siphons away wealth and destroys family resources.  If we fill such gaps in the context of your financial plan, then then we establish clarity and confidence for the life, comfort and satisfaction you are seeking.

Another gap is missing investment "mandates" to secure wealth and life-income. (See Life Income Mandates).   Without strong mandates, what is protecting you from running out of money? ...from exhausting the income you need for Living?  Deposits paying 2%, stock markets falling 50%, you could face a day when the money is gone!  Our planning offers a fortress for wealth, life-income, and estate.

Don’t Lose your Future

Life can be unpredictable but don’t leave anything to chance.  Fill the gaps.  Repair the potholes.  Insure unlimited risks that would destroy your life's plans.   Develop a Certified Financial Plan to safeguard your life, wealth, and personal comfort.  This means having a certified professional (myself or another).  Be sure every paragraph and recommendation address and contribute to two things:  (i) your financial goals, circumstances and personal values;   and (ii) abundant and lasting success in all you wish for your life and loved ones!

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  1. Dear Brian, great financial advice, now and into our future.

  2. Hey Brian
    The reality is most people simply don’t understand financial planning and we have to get over our fears of entrusting our future to a total stranger. I had to talk to someone I knew personally who understood financing and was a very cautious and meticulous person. That person recommended you, so I felt a good level of confidence to entrust our financial planning to you. As you stated in your article we were very concerned about running out of money so that was something that you settled very quickly for us. From there on we are in your expert hands because God knows I have very little knowledge about the the world of investments except for real estate. Your article is good and I hope that it will generate a lot of trust in the folks that read it. When I read this sort of thing I always think it should be simpler so that even the likes of me can grasp it.
    You have our confidence.

  3. I am glad that we have helped us put some things in place to protect us from Life’s potholes and planning for the future. Much appreciated! Thank you!

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