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I'm amazed at the juicy ideas that grab peoples' eyes these days.  In the weekend Globe and Mail (here) Rob Carrick mentions the sudden flurry of interest in "annuities".   I'm not sure I'd call this a "flurry" but Rob is right ...there should be a flurry of interest!  While my comments today are very unscientific, consider the first-week "views" for some of my recent articles on Financial Security.  These posts reached exactly the same audience,  yet pick-up was vastly different.  You could draw valuable conclusions about some financial plums people are missing, and risks that threaten their financial security.

"Fraud" doesn't attract many eye-balls.   After a full week, my recent post on protecting ourselves and our families from the time-bomb of "fraud" (a global $1Trillion industry of systematic theft) gained only 39 views.  Views are growing daily, but fraud is hitting people faster than they can protect themselves.  You think it's in the category of "this can never happen to me" ...and then suddenly it hits your parents or someone close to you -- destroys their income, extinguishes family wealth, burns your inheritance.  See more at Fraud.

"Life Annuities" by comparison are said to be a "flurry of interest".  Well actually this subject wasn't picked up much faster.  In the first week this gained only 52 views.  Despite years of occasional articles in all our financial papers to Life Annuities, investment advisors and the public openly understand little about how these can offer high guaranteed income and extraordinary tax advantages.  Revisit this at your leisure here ...Life Annuities.

"Real Estate" & its close cousin "Infrastructure" bring a veritable snow-storm of interest by comparison to annuities or fraud.  First week views in my piece on Real Estate Investing drew 105 views plus quite a few comments or emails back to me.   If you consider Infrastructure Income as the sexier version of real estate, it attracted 72 views in week #1 ...which is modestly surprising because financial advisors have been especially slow identifying how infrastructure can help secure their clients' investment goals.

But where's the real juice -- the real fear?  It knocked my socks off and I chuckled when I published a resource on the impact of Health Inflation destroying retirement plans ...and 80 views arose in just 6 hours!   Is Health Inflation such a "sexy" subject?  I don't know -- perhaps someone was having a conference on this somewhere because views have levelled off over time -- but if you realize health costs rise near 10%/year then it's obvious this can become the biggest threat to family wealth in our 80s or 90s.

Bottom line is -- it's hard to find a any "flurry of interest" in financial subjects until people have a pressing, burning, heart-attack of worry for their financial security!  You passed over fraud until someone close to you got hit by it - then discovered it's right on your street!  You've ignored life annuities because you didn't see any point ...yet it may rise from the ashes to become Queen Cinderella of your retirement funds.  If Health Inflation caught your eye you might have followed me through to the 5 or more "Life Income Mandates" that combine real estate, dividends, etc, to guarantee an ongoing income to age 95 and beyond!

You've read this today, probably because you already have an interest here - and you are urgently concerned for your own wellbeing or for a friend or family member.  What are you going to share?  Whether you clip & share this link or a related article or your own digested version of it, how will YOU help someone today so they'll be better armed and protected for a safe future?

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