Immediately here you can learn to slash costs 50% to 75% and still own the life & health insurances you choose to protect your family or business.  And while that’s not “free” it will certainly FREE YOU to put more hard-earned cash into other priorities like savings, vacations, retirement, and so on.  How valuable could cutting insurance costs be for you?

I laughed while finding a letter with my bank statement, warning of costs rising for life and health insurances on peoples’ mortgages.  What, were too many mortgage payors dying?  No of course not:  people are living longer than ever!  But the bank was dying to raise fees and boost profits.  SO YOU HAVE OPTIONS!   And here’s how YOU CAN SAVE MONEY and YOU CAN GET MORE to protect your family or business.

Compare ages.

This works whether you’re 25, 35, 55, even 75.  So here are two ages to illustrate, and let’s speak as soon as you have a moment, and confirm now what we can get for YOU!

Pic _ couple counting expensesAge 40 with $500,000 mortgage.  The bank’s letter says this couple will pay $155 a month just for the life insurance.  Or $330/month to also insure against critical illness.  Can you afford $300/month?  If you could shred that bill and keep an extra $100 or more for groceries, pension, or a vacation …would this make more sense for you?

Age 60 with $500,000 mortgage or business loan.  (Perhaps this is you? ...or family or friend?)  Bank insurance at $580/month for life insurance, even a whopping $1,525 per month to include critical illness, surely is motivation to start cutting insurance costs!  Can you, your friends or parents, your neighbours, pay $1,525 each month into insurance that’s going to disappear as you pay the mortgage or when a renewal comes?  .... Want a better idea?  Cutting your insurance costs can mean more money in your pocket, more cash for things you really need, even more savings to boost your retirement?

What you missed in the news:

  • National Post, David Menzies. “Mortgage insurance is ‘robbery’...   I had to pay a constant amount for a mortgage that diminished.”
  • Globe and Mail, Rob Carrick.   Insuring with a lender means your death pays the lender.  Consider choosing a true insurance plan.  When you buy from a bank, “your family has no say in how it’s used.”
  • Toronto Sun, Linda Leatherdale.  Lender’s insurance can be voided after death. Null and void.  Private life insurance pays immediately.
  • Investment Executive. Gavin Adamson. “Term life insurance provides greater value than the banks’ creditor products. …(Lenders) see creditor insurance as a product for customers who do not have an advisor”

Picture the results of private insurance:

  • Cut your costs, possibly 60% or more.
  • Pay debts faster; accelerate your Wealth.
  • Guaranteed to pay promptly when your family needs it most!
  • Convert easily to permanent insurance for life long wealth.

Pic House made of MoneyUp and down your street:  who’s paying most money? …who’s getting most value?

Like comparing house taxes, you want to know you’re getting a fair deal – right? – or who’s paying less!  Well on a street in our town, some families have had some vital experiences with life and health insurance. Check above to the news quotes which confirm these stories obviously occur daily around us.

Adam and Beth had insurance on their mortgage.  When Adam died, Beth thought the bank would cancel their mortgage.  She even met with the bank to prove she had been paying.  The bank answered that things had changed at renewal and only Beth’s insurance had continued.  If Beth had died, it would have cleared the mortgage.  But Adam’s death left the mortgage still owing, and Beth is forced to either sell the house or keep paying $1700/month for at least the next 12 years.

Charlene and Dan were similarly paying inflated costs of bank insurance.  At every renewal, costs went up; insurance went down.  When Dan died in 2013 they were paying for $280,000 insurance to protect a mortgage at $218K.  Eight weeks after Charlene became a widow the bank canceled the mortgage – just $218,000.  Why only $218,000?  This couple’s hard-work to pay down the mortgage was now lost to the bank.  In effect the bank was $62,000 richer for over-charging on the insurance and yet only canceling the remaining mortgage!  Wouldn't that make you angry?  Shouldn't Charlene get the full $280,000?  She had paid for it;  she’d worked hard for it!  Where’s the fairness?

Ed and Faith are fortunate to privately own insurance that is separate from their mortgage.  (#1) it costs less.  (#2) they can always negotiate to get lower mortgage rates without insurance hassles.  (#3) private insurance guarantees prompt payment when death or illness hit home.  (#4) flexibility.  (#5) pays the full amount contracted -- even twice as much if tragedy were to hit both of them.  (#6) service with this advisor also freely includes ongoing service and strategies for debt, retirement, family, and a certified financial plan.

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More ways to cut costs, save money, build wealth, reach financial goals more easily.   Reach me today by email and I’ll rush your Free Copy of PROTECTING LIFE, LOVED ONES, AND FUTURE DREAMS.   This is a Canadian best-seller introduction to financial strategies to speed your wealth and succeed with financial independence.  This is also a mentoring guide for other advisors so you know you’re getting solid support to grow your success!  And as you reach me today I personally guarantee a free consultation for your insurances, investments, debt-freedom, as well as wealth and tax planning for your home or business.

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  1. Brian, this is an excellent post explaining the differences between mortgage insurance and life insurance. Being a mortgage broker in Canada myself for the past 15 years I agree on the importance of life insurance over mortgage insurance. One should make sure their insurance needs are well looked after – And this usually means with something more than just mortgage insurance from the bank. Mortgage insurance can be good to get immediate coverage, but you need to speak with a life insurance specialist to make sure your needs are met entirely. Sometimes you may way want to get a life insurance policy to compliment your mortgage insurance, and often it makes most sense to replace the mortgage insurance completely. I will be bookmarking this for future reference for my clients. Thanks Brian.

  2. Very insightful article!

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