Child & Family Charities (proceeds from A Lifetime Of Wealth)

"What is wealth and the management of wealth?" opens this video from TV Cogeco here in Halton Region.   But the answer to such question may come from examining its opposite!   We touch these themes in the video, and also explain why 100% of proceeds for 2013 will support child & family charities.   (And always, at least 20% of proceeds will support such charities as noted on the closing page of "A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It."

Here is the video, a brief clip just over 3 1/2 minutes.  (If that doesn't connect, clip & paste into browser;  it will connect easily then.)

What if you own a business?   Sometimes a person may be paralysed from moving forward with sale or succession of the business, wondering if the resulting wealth will evaporate and fail to sustain life goals and dreams!

What if you have pension values, inheritance, or other source of significant wealth.  Could you be dangerously over-confident in how to deal with this wealth?  On the other hand, are you carrying a queasy stomach-churning fear of mistakes and risks that could steal your wealth away?

As you see in the video, the book addresses these kinds of fears.  It offers a process to maximize the power of your wealth to support the life you choose.  As well, all proceeds at least up to the end of 2013 are supporting child & family charities, indigenous learning and seniors.   My promise is that at least 20% of proceeds from my books and website will always support such charities.   Further on this This is my vision of "community wealth" -- enriching and improving the world for all -- which we may pick up in a future video.

Warm wishes to you, and thank you for watching and sharing this video clip on, "A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It".   And find the book today with a substantial DISCOUNT ....just click here on Amazon.

Click for more on the Early and Lifelong Nutrition Fund (hosted within the community foundations of Burlington and Oakville.



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